Zero Restaurant Surat Menu: A Luxury Restaurant – Updated 2024

In the busy city of Surat, Zero Restaurant Surat stands for its amazing culinary delicious food, and also for its exceptional dining experience.

Zero Restaurant Surat Menu: A Luxury Restaurant - Updated 2024
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Zero the restaurant is situated on VIP Road, beside Nandini 3, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 394518 it adds to its allure, welcoming all the locals and visitors.
It gives enjoyment ensuring accessibility and ease for people by navigating the city’s vibrant streets.

Famous Dishes:

The Menu at Zero Restaurant has the best of its flavours, showcasing the signature dishes that makes famous Surat:

  1. Ghari: A famous tasty Surati sweet, ghari that emphasises the richness of milk, ghee, and sugar, mainly traditionally people love to eat this during festivals like Chandi Padvo and Sharad Purnima.
  2. Locho: A tasty snack that originates from Surat. It is made with a Fluffy, steamed texture, complemented by a medley of spices and toppings.
  3. Undhiyu: The Gujarati dish that delights melange and has seasonal vegetables and spices, it is the perfection of Surat and it is celebrated during the winter months.
  4. Surati Ponk: The fabulous seasonal delicacy, Surati Ponk is made from tender sorghum grains, roasted to perfection, and seasoned with spices that offers delightful crunch and unique taste.
  5. Khaman Dhokla: The best part of Surat is this, Khaman Dhokla is a soft, spongy snack made from fermented gram flour. This food is enjoyed as a breakfast or as a snack item.
  6. Paatra: Paatra is also known as Alu Vadi, which features colocasia leaves smeared with a spicy gram flour paste, it is rolled and steamed to create a tasty Paatra.

Opening and Closing Time

People who want to enjoy the food items of Zero Restaurant surat can come during these days by seeing the time.

Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

What It’s Famous For

Zero Restaurant is mainly famous for its dedication to culinary brilliance. It has an amazing service facility, it also has an inviting ambience that elevates the dining experience.

Talking about their menu they curated with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, ensuring authenticity and the quality of every dish.

It is mainly famous for its traditional recipes that has innovative techniques, which offers a unique journey.


Zero Restaurant has their elegance and warmth that feel adorned with its tasteful decor and it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Talking about its interior it reflects modern yet cozy setting, perfect for intimate gatherings, family outings, or even a quiet meal for one. It also has Soft lighting and well-appointed furnishings that contribute to an inviting ambience that complements the culinary experience for all.


The restaurant appeals to a diverse clientele, drawing in locals and tourists alike. For families seeking a memorable dining experience to couples celebrating special occasions, Zero Restaurant always caters to various preferences and occasions.
Zero Restaurant has a good reputation for services and cuisine which has made it a favoured destination among food lovers, it also attracts people looking for an elevated adventure.

Chef’s Specialties

Apart from the signature dishes, the chef’s specialties at Zero Restaurant are very innovative and expert. These include:

Paneer Patiala: A tantalizing dish showcasing paneer cooked in a rich gravy infused with aromatic spices, a favourite among vegetarians.

Murgh Malai Kebab: Succulent chicken in creamy spices that has been grilled to perfection, offering a burst of flavour with every bite.

Catering and Events

Zero Restaurant has culinary expertise that is beyond its premises, offering catering services for events ranging from weddings to corporate gatherings. Their team ensures a seamless dining experience, personalized to suit the occasion and preferences of the guests.

Zero Restaurant Surat
Image Source: Volume Zero
Few More Points On This Topic:
  • Gujarati Cuisine Hub Zero Restaurant is dedicated to presenting a wide variety of traditional Gujarati cuisines. It offers traditional Gujarati dishes and innovative versions which makes it an ideal destination for anyone looking for the best culinary experience in Gujarati food.
  • Visitors who are interested in the vibrant food culture of Surat are attracted to Zero Restaurant, one of Surat’s most popular culinary spots. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone who wants to try some of the finest dishes in Surat due to its famed food quality as well as a warm and welcoming environment.
  • A fantastic dining experience at the best Fine Dining Restaurant in Surat: Zero Restaurant is the most prestigious fine dining restaurant in Surat because of its meticulously selected menu with attentive service and an elegant setting.
  • Fusion Cuisine Local and International: Zero Restaurant creates fusion food that appeals to diners by blending local tastes with influences from the world. Zero Restaurant is an exciting and welcoming restaurant with its unique technique of mixing traditional Gujarati food with the latest technology.
  • The Top Restaurant in Surat The restaurant is adored by both customers and critics as well, Zero Restaurant continues to be one of the top Surat restaurants. Its reputation as a treasure within Surat is confirmed by its consistent offering of excellent dining experiences as well as its commitment to innovation in food.
  • Culinary style and exceptional hospitality: Zero Restaurant is known for its unique style and hospitality. It’s a shining example of the highest quality in Surat due to its careful focus on detail, personalized service, and commitment to providing unique dining experiences.
  • Zero Restaurant takes pleasure in serving the finest local produce and food items from Surat. The food is a celebration of the region by serving dishes that highlight the freshness and quality of ingredients procured locally.

    Reimagined Culinary Traditions At Zero Restaurant, traditional recipes are reinvented and presented in a variety of innovative ways, in homage to the culinary heritage of Gujarat. The guests are always curious and excited to taste the new foods and flavours here through this new approach.

FAQs About Zero Restaurant Surat

Q1: Do Frequent Customers Get Any Exclusive Offers Or Loyalty Programs?

A: Absolutely, Zero Restaurant does periodically offer loyalty programs and special promotions for frequent customers. Discounts during seasonal times, special menu samples, or even special rewards for loyal customers are just a few of these special offers. It is advisable to check with the staff or check their website for more information about current promotions and loyalty programs.

Q2: Is There A Corkage Policy At The Restaurant For Bringing In Outside Drinks?

A: Zero Restaurant: Zero Restaurant usually serves a range of drinks including fresh juices as well as mocktails. It’s best to inquire about their corkage policy prior to making reservations, or prior to taking in beverages or food items however, they may have one in the restaurant.
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Q3. Is Zero Restaurant Offering A Special Kids’ Menu?

A: Q7. Is Zero Restaurant Offering A Special Kids’ Menu?

Absolutely, Zero Restaurant recognizes the demands of their younger patrons and offers a special children menu featuring kid-friendly items. Zero Restaurant also guarantees that every person of the family members will have an enjoyable dinner.

Q4. Is Zero Restaurant Adequate for Child-Raised Families?

A: Definitely! Families are welcomed at this restaurant, and it offers an array of menu options that will please children and adults.

Q5. Are there spaces that are designated to be used for parking?

A: Without question, Zero Restaurant offers patrons easy and efficient parking options.

Q6. Is There Outdoor Seating Available at the Restaurant?

A: Definitely, they offer outdoor seating and dining facilities that allow diners to enjoy the food in a tranquil setting.

Q7. Does Zero Restaurant Provide Outside Catering For Special Occasions?

A: Yes, Zero Restaurant offers outdoor catering services that can be used for a variety of events, such as private events, business meetings as well as weddings. The staff at Zero Restaurant will ensure that your dining experience is perfect at the venue you choose.

Q8. Do You Have Gluten-Free Or Vegan Dishes for Customers With Special Dietary Requirements?

A: Absolutely. Zero Restaurant caters to dietary needs by offering a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. If patrons inquire about these specialties they can count on the staff to be delighted to help to select the appropriate menu items

Q9. Do I need to make reservations or is it acceptable to just walk-in to Zero Restaurant?

A: It is recommended to make a reservation in order to secure the availability of a table, particularly during busy dining times Even if people are able to walk in. Reservations can be made via the phone, via our official web site or using the well-known apps for dining.


Zero Restaurants is dedicated to offering a perfect dining experience that is more than the food and ambience. No matter if a customer is a regular or a newcomer Their attention to food preferences catering services for special occasions and consideration of guest preferences will ensure a memorable experience for every guest.

Zero Restaurant in Surat is an experience that is also an eating place. It always delights guests with its welcoming environment, variety of patrons, well-known dishes such as Surati Ponk and Khaman Dhokla as well as chef-created specialties. If you’re a traveler looking to try the food of Surat, or a local seeking an authentic flavor of familiarity, Zero Restaurant delivers a extraordinary dining and hospitality experience.

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