11 Best Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata: Grab it Now – Updated 2024

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata: Are You Searching for an Opulent and Savory Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata? Look No Further! Kolkata boasts many cafes and restaurants known for serving delicious dinner spreads – the city truly caters to foodies! Here is an in-depth reference of some of Kolkata’s best dinner buffets near your location that offer both international and traditional Bengali foods for an exquisite dining experience.

1. Cafe Delight

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Notable Dishes in Kolkata’s Park Street: Kolkata Kebab Platter, Fish Fry Fusion and Biryani Delight, for example, are served here and they start their services around 7 p.m. The opening time for Park Street will also coincide with this event.
Cafe Delight’s specialty cuisine blends traditional Bengali flavours with contemporary cooking methods for an exciting dining experience, known as Fusion cuisine. Customers still enjoy Biryani Delight for lunchtime comfort.

2. Spice Junction

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Where: Kolkata’s Salt Lake City
Best Known for: Mango Lassi, Prawn Masala Curry and Tandoori Treats Platter mes Opening Hour: 6:30.
Time of Closing: 10:30 P.M. What Makes It Renowned: Spice Junction’s varied menu offers a delicious array of North Indian fare. Diners must try the Tandoori Treats Plate, which features various delicious kebabs and tikkas, to complete your experience at Spice Junction.

3. Flavors of Bengal

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s Esplanade Notable Cuisines: Mishti Doi, Prawn Malai Curry and Hilsa Fish Curry
Eroffnung time is at 7:30 PM.
Time of Closing: 11:30 P.M.
What Makes It Famous: Flavors of Bengal celebrates Bengal’s rich culinary legacy through traditional Bengali treats like Mishti Doi, a delicious yogurt dessert, and Hilsa Fish Curry, an iconic Bengali speciality.

4. Royal Treat Palace

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s New Town
Notable Dishes: Gulab Jamun, Paneer Lababdar and Mutton Rogan Josh Opening Time is at 7:30 PM
Royal Treat Palace’s reputation can be found in its authentic Mughlai flavours, which provide an extraordinary dining experience. Their Gulab Jamun dessert stands out as being especially delectable, while Mutton Rogan Josh and Paneer Lababdar dishes also stand out as noteworthy dishes to try. They are open from 11:30 P.M. till midnight.

5. Coastal Flavors

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Ballygunge in Kolkata
Notable Dishes: Prawn Masala, Rasam and Fish Curry Rice/Grain. 7:00 PM is when this restaurant opens for business.
Time of Closing: 10:00 P.M.
What It Is Known For At Coastal Flavors in Kolkata, customers enjoy sampling its seashore vibe. Most notable among their offerings is an aromatic Rasam soup and delicious Fish Curry Rice; both signature dishes in South Indian cuisine.

6. Grand Buffet Junction

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Camac Street in Kolkata Notable Dishes: Rabri, Dum Biryani and Butter Chicken Opening time is set at 7 PM.
Time of Closing: 11:30 P.M. What Makes It Famous: Grand Buffet Junction has long been synonymous with North Indian cuisine, especially Dum Biryani and Butter Chicken dishes which are staples on its menu, while Rabri dessert adds an irresistibly sweet final flourish to every dinner experience at Grand Buffet Junction.

7. The Culinary Haven

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s Rajarhat
Notable Dishes: Rasmalai, Chicken Chaaps and Kolkata Kathi Rolls
Opening Time is 6:30 PM.
Time of Closure: 10:30 P.M.
Reason For Belonging Here: At The Culinary Haven, there’s a buffet-style sampling of street food from Kolkata available here. Featured dishes include Rasmalai for an enjoyable finale as well as Kolkata Kathi Rolls and Chicken Chaap that showcase Kolkata’s incredible variety in culinary offerings.

8. The Spice Route

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s Behala Notable Dishes: Rosogolla, Mutton Kosha and Chingri Malai Curry
Opening Hours are from 7:00 PM onward.
Time of Closing: 11:30 P.M.
Why It Is Reputable: The Spice Route’s authentic Bengali cuisine whisks patrons on an unforgettable journey. Diners can indulge in delectable Mutton Kosha and Chingri Malai Curry dishes before indulging in Rosogolla as the final touch.

9. Global Fusion Hub

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s Park Street Area
Notable Dishes: Tiramisu, Thai Green Curry and Sushi Platter
Opening time is at 7:30 PM.
Global Fusion Hub is well known for blending flavors from around the globe into its dishes – their internationally inspired cuisine features delicious items like their Sushi Platter and Thai Green Curry dishes, while Tiramisu adds an irresistibly decadent finish. The time and date for closing is 10:30 P.M.. What Makes It Popular: Global Fusion Hub stands out for offering worldly tastes under one roof! Their international offerings feature signature dishes such as Sushi Platters and Thai Green Curries while Tiramisus makes for an irresistibly delicious finale to complete any dining experience!

10. Tastes of Tradition

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Where: South Kolkata
Notable Dishes: Sandesh, Macher Jhol and Puchkas
When to go: Opening time starts at 6:00 PM.
Time of Closing: 9:00 P.M.
Why it Is Popular: Tastes of Tradition is renowned for celebrating Kolkata’s street cuisine culture and culinary legacy through Puchkas (sometimes called Golgappas or Pani Puris), Macher Jhol fish curry and Sandesh sweet.

11. Spice Market

Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata
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Location: Kolkata’s Howrah
Renowned for Gajar Ka Halwa, Butter Naan and Chicken Tikka Masala dishes. Opening time for this popular venue is at 7 PM daily.
Spice Market has long been revered as an exquisite North Indian dining experience, serving delicious Butter Naan with Chicken Tikka Masala and Gajar Ka Halwa for an irresistibly flavorful experience. Closing Time: 11:00 P.M. WHY IT’S POPULAR: Spice Market has long been known for serving delicious Indian-influenced fare such as Butter Naan with Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch; Gajar Ka Halwa adds sweetness.

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FAQs About Dinner Buffet Near Me in Kolkata

Q1. Are The Buffets Reasonably Priced?

A. Although prices differ by establishment, most of them provide affordable buffets offering an expansive variety of cuisine.

Q2. Do These Sites Provide Parking Space?

A. Yes – Parking Facilities Are Offered At These Places. Yes, guests will typically find local parking alternatives or facilities at these restaurants.

Q3. Are There Live Musical Performances At These Locations?

A. When making reservations at any venue, it is advisable to familiarise oneself with its schedules or ask any pertinent queries as some venues occasionally host live music performances and entertainment shows.

Q4: Are There Any Exclusive Deals Or Discounts Offered At These Locations?

A: Some restaurants may provide special deals during weekdays or holidays; to find out about any current ones, it’s recommended that you visit their websites or social media pages.

Q5: Are These Locations Ideal For Holding Events Or Gatherings of Large People?

A: Many restaurants provide areas or setups suitable for special events like parties. An enjoyable experience could be ensured through reservations and questions about this.

Q6. Are These Buffets Available for Takeout and Delivery to My Home?

A. Some places could offer their buffet goods for takeout or home delivery; get in contact with them personally to inquire. Otherwise, see which delivery services may be available and then make plans accordingly.


Dinner buffets in Kolkata create a dynamic blend of flavours, marrying innovation with tradition to produce something satisfyingly enjoyable for each palate. Restaurants specialize in offering diverse cuisines to please each diner’s palette – street food, foreign fare or classic Bengali fare all find an exquisite place in their menus!

Supper buffets in Kolkata provide the opportunity to experience its distinct array of tastes while learning more about its culture, history and culinary artistry.

Go forth, explore these culinary paradises, and allow your palate to delight in Kolkata’s evening buffets.

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