Top 10 Cheap and Best Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai, an energetic metropolis on India’s western coast, is famed for its varied food scene in addition to vibrant culture and bustling energy. Cheap and Best Rooftop restaurants in mumbai stand out among all of Mumbai’s eateries by providing diners with unforgettable dining experiences that boast stunning city skyline views while simultaneously satisfying hunger pangs. This post dives deeper into this intriguing world by investigating their locations, speciality menu items offered for dine-in, hours of operation as well as anything else pertinent.

Famous Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

1. Aer

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: Architectural Digest India
  • Location: At Mumbai’s – Four Seasons Hotel in Worli,
  • Famous Dishes: Renowned dishes like lamb chops, seafood platters and specialty cocktails can be found.
    Opening Hours: From Monday through Sunday from 6:00 PM to 1:30 AM.
  • What it is Famous for: Magnificent panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and metropolitan skylines combined with a sophisticated atmosphere, delicious cuisine options, and spectacular panoramic views make this venue stand out among competitors.

2. Asilo

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: The Rooftop Guide
  • Location: Asilo can be found at Lower Parel’s St Regis Mumbai.
  • Famous Dishes: It offers molecular cocktails, sushi platters and truffle pizza among many other delights.
  • Opening Hours for Asilo: Monday through Sunday between 5:00 PM to 1:30 AM.
  • What it is Famous for: With its lively rooftop bar scene, inventive fusion cuisine and sophisticated atmosphere; Asilo stands out.

3. Dome

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
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Location: Dome at Churchgate’s InterContinental Marine Drive

Famous Dishes: It offers classic mojitos, tandoori platters and lobster thermos among other delicacies.

Opening Hours: Every Monday through Sunday from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM

What it is Famous for: For stunning views of Marine Drive and Arabian Sea as well as Mediterranean-style cooking and live music events.

4. AER Lounge & Bar

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
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  • Location: AER Lounge & Bar at Mumbai’s Four Seasons Hotel in Worli
  • Famous Dishes: It’s famous for Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Wagyu Beef Burgers and Handcrafted Cocktails. This rooftop haven features breathtaking views, international cuisine from chefs all around the globe and drinks specially created by master mixologists – making for an experience you don’t want to miss!
  • Opening Hours: It opens Monday-Sunday between 5:00 PM and 1:30 AM with opening times set as Monday – Sunday; its hours of operation span Monday evening through Sunday night from 5:00 PM till 1:30 AM each night.
  • What it is famous for: It is famous for its stunning rooftop dining facilities complete with stunning rooftop seating arrangements offering stunning rooftop seating arrangements; all this before being made even better through master mixologists creating drinks designed with precision as the focus it deserves when opening time.

5. Radio Bar

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: LBB
  • Location: Radio Bar of Khar West
  • Famous Dishes: It offers popular dishes like truffle fries, and spicy chicken wings and unique drinks such as specialty cocktails.
  • Opening Hours: From Monday to Sunday from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM (Mon-Sun)
  • What it is famous for: Enjoy international fusion cuisine served up on their stylish rooftop setting while listening to unique musical vibrations – these three factors come together perfectly at this restaurant! Its fame lies within its extensive menu offering international flavors blended with trendy rooftop dining space and creative music vibes that create the ultimate dining experience!

6. THe marine Upper deck

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: The Rooftop Guide
  • Location: Colaba
  • Famous Dishes: Foodies who love Fish Tacos, Grilled Prawns and Traditional Margaritas and traditional Margaritas
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Monday to Sunday)
    What it is Famous for: Offering fresh seafood options and boasting breathtaking views of both the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India.

7. Koyla

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: Tripadvisor
  • Location: Colaba
  • Famous Dishes: It offers popular dishes including Masala Chai, Tandoori Platter and Mutton Seekh Kebab.
  • Opening Time: Their opening times run Monday-Sunday between 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM live music performances as an added attraction.
  • What it is Famous for: They are known for offering spectacular sweeping views of Mumbai while boasting rustic charm in addition to providing delicious charcoal-grilled treats harborside as well.

8. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
Image Source: Tripadvisor
  • Location: Bandra
  • Famous Dishes: Popular Dishes at Wood-Fired Pizza Bar include Wood-fired Pizzas, Sangria and Mediterranean Mezze Platters.
  • Opening Time: Opening hours Monday-Sunday 12 PM-1 AM.
  • What it is Famous for: Enjoy Mediterranean-inspired fare while being immersed in its bustling environment perfect for romantic dinners or casual brunches; set against an idyllic garden setting.

9. Bayview Cafe

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
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  • Location: Colaba
  • Famous Dishes: Their food offerings include Mojitos, Grilled Fish and Butter Garlic Crab.
  • Opening Time: their opening times range from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
  • What it is Famous for: The place famous is for fresh seafood specialities and its beachside atmosphere with stunning views of the Arabian Sea and Mumbai skyline.

10. Kinki

Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai
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  • Location: Andheri West
  • Famous Dishes: It is famous for serving Asian cocktails, dim sum platters and sushi rolls.
    Opening Times: Monday-Sunday from 7:00 PM to 1:30 AM.
  • What It Is Famous For: Offering creative drinks, an energetic rooftop setting and Asian fusion food with modern touches make the restaurant popular among hipster diners and nightlife enthusiasts alike.

These rooftop eateries add to Mumbai’s bustling dining scene by providing guests with an exquisite culinary experience coupled with breathtaking views and chic atmospheres.

Location of Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai

Mumbai offers several distinct neighbourhoods offering rooftop restaurants. Each boasts its own atmosphere and charm – from Lower Parel, Juhu, Bandra and Colaba where there are an abundance of choices that cater to various guests’ palates – to lesser-known ones in places such as Lower Parel.

Famous Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

Although Mumbai boasts many noteworthy rooftop eateries, several are truly remarkable for both their delicious fare and relaxing ambience – AER, Asilo Dome & Lounge stand out among them all, drawing both residents and visitors with their special offerings. These iconic spots such as these boasting such amenities.

Signature Dishes

Rooftop eateries are famed for their delectable culinary treats as well as stunning views. Each restaurant provides patrons with specialty pizzas, exotic cocktails and delectable seafood specialties that leave lasting impressions on patrons.

Opening and Closing Times

Mumbai rooftop restaurants typically open late afternoon or into the evening for patrons to experience spectacular views of both the setting sun and twinkling city lights. As their hours may differ from establishment to establishment, patrons should ensure they check them individually for opening/closing times before planning their dining experiences.

Ambience and Views

Rooftop restaurants stand out due to their stunning ambience and expansive city skyline views, creating an unparalleled dining experience when diners get the opportunity to look over either the Arabian Sea or city streets below while experiencing culinary bliss.

Cuisine Variety

Rooftop restaurants in Mumbai stand out for offering an abundance of cuisines, from classic Indian food to Mediterranean, Italian and Pan-Asian offerings that ensure something delicious for everyone’s palate.

Unique Features

Specialty Features Each rooftop restaurant in Mumbai stands out with special qualities that set it apart. These restaurants stand out by providing amenities such as swimming pools, themed decor or live music events to give their customers an exceptional dining experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Evaluation and Rating of Rooftop Restaurants Rooftop restaurants in Mumbai largely thrive based on customer ratings available through TripAdvisor or Zomato; potential diners can easily assess service level and dining experiences prior to making reservations.

Events and Special Occasions

Rooftop restaurants have long been used as locations for special celebrations, providing the ideal setting for corporate meetings, anniversaries and birthdays alike. Their charming setting paired with tailored cuisine and professional event coordination services makes for truly memorable events.

Pricing and Reservation

While rooftop dining in Mumbai may be costly, its special atmosphere and delectable cuisine often justify any additional expenditures. To secure a table at one of your favourite rooftop restaurants during busy periods and on weekends, reservations should always be made well in advance to guarantee yourself a table. To do this effectively and successfully.

Safety Measures

Mumbai rooftop eateries have implemented stringent safety protocols in response to an ongoing pandemic, in order to establish a secure dining environment and protect patrons. Strategies deployed for creating this safe dining atmosphere include tightened cleaning regulations, capacity restrictions on seats and contactless payment methods.

Parking and Accessibility

In Mumbai, rooftop eateries tend to be conveniently accessible by both private and public transit modes and often feature valet parking services which alleviate worries regarding finding parking in this bustling metropolis.

Local Tips and Recommendations

Here are a few insider suggestions to enhance their Mumbai rooftop dining experience:

Before arriving to any event, be sure to arrive early so as to secure the best seats with unobstructed views and taste some of their specialty beverages (mocktails). Furthermore, look out for deals and promotions during off-peak periods that could save money when dining there!


Rooftop restaurants in Mumbai provide an immersive dining experience, satisfying every sense and leaving an indelible memory with guests – more so than traditional eateries or eating halls. Their exquisite cuisine and breathtaking vistas never fail to enthral and dazzle guests- whether on romantic dates or social outings with friends.

FAQ’s About Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

Q1. Are Mumbai’s rooftop eateries kid-friendly?

A: While certain rooftop eateries might accept children as customers, it’s wise to inquire in advance as to their policies and amenities that support children at each establishment.

Q2. Can I hold private parties at restaurants with rooftops?

A: A number of rooftop eateries in Mumbai do offer event planning services for celebrations, business gatherings and private celebrations; it would be wise to inquire ahead about available packages and dates prior to booking your party at such establishments.

Q3. Are restaurants on rooftops wheelchair accessible?

A: Accessibility may depend on the restaurant in which it’s being held; to determine this information directly contact them as it could vary significantly based on who owns and manages it. Whenever in doubt it’s always wisest to inquire directly as each organisation might offer additional help that you might require for proper wheelchair accessibility and service needs.

Q4. Are vegetarian and vegan options readily available at rooftop eateries in Mumbai?

A: To meet individual dietary restrictions and preferences, most rooftop restaurants provide a selection of menu items that feature vegetarian and vegan items.

Q5. In what timeframe should a rooftop restaurant reservation be booked?

A: In general, making reservations as early as possible for rooftop dining experiences is advised.

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