7 Best Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata: City Lights With Good Food

Rooftop Restaurants in Saltlake Kolkata: Kolkata, often referred to as the ‘City of Joy,’ is a place where culture, history, and gastronomy blend seamlessly. Amidst this bustling metropolis, Salt Lake City stands out as a hub of commerce, culture, and, of course, culinary delights. If you’re in search of a dining experience that combines delectable cuisine with panoramic views, look no further than the rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake, Kolkata. In this extensive guide, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through the best rooftop dining establishments in the area, ensuring your experience is not only memorable but also for your convenience.

The Charm of Rooftop Restaurants in Saltlake Kolkata

Rooftop restaurants have gained immense popularity in Kolkata, and for good reason. Before we explore the top options in Salt Lake, let’s delve into why rooftop dining is such a cherished experience.

1. Scenic Views

Salt Lake City’s skyline is a mesmerizing blend of modern architecture and natural beauty. Rooftop restaurants offer a front-row seat to this breathtaking spectacle. Whether it’s the tranquil lakes or the towering buildings, the view from above is nothing short of magical.

2. Romantic Atmosphere

Rooftop dining sets the stage for romance. It’s an ideal setting for a date night, anniversary celebration, or even a proposal. Soft lighting, open skies, and cozy seating make these restaurants a haven for couples seeking an intimate dining experience.

3. Culinary Delights

The rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake take pride in their diverse culinary offerings. From traditional Bengali delicacies to international cuisines, their menus cater to a wide range of tastes. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey that tantalizes your taste buds.

4. Fresh Air and Tranquility

Amidst the bustling city, rooftop dining provides an oasis of fresh air and tranquility. Whether you choose to dine during the day or under the starry night sky, the open space adds a layer of serenity to your dining experience.

Top Rooftop Restaurants in Salt Lake

Now that we’ve established the allure of rooftop dining, let’s embark on a culinary adventure through some of the finest rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

1. Ozora (Acropolis Mall)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: LBB

Perched atop Acropolis Mall, Ozora offers a captivating view of the Salt Lake skyline. Known for its cocktails and global cuisine, it’s a hotspot for those seeking a vibrant nightlife. The rooftop bar and lounge area are perfect for enjoying drinks with friends.

2. Skyline 360 (Infinity Benchmark Building)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

True to its name, Skyline 360 offers a 360-degree view of Salt Lake City. With a diverse menu that includes Indian, Continental, and Oriental dishes, this rooftop restaurant is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. The live music adds to the overall ambiance.

3. The Salt House (DLF IT Park)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: Eazy Dinner

Situated in the heart of the IT hub, The Salt House is a serene rooftop oasis. The restaurant specializes in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, and the ambiance is perfect for both casual dining and special occasions.

4. Chapter 2 (ECO Centre)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: Tripadvisor

Chapter 2 offers a sophisticated rooftop dining experience. Known for its international dishes and fine wines, it’s a favorite among those looking for an upscale evening. The elegant setting is ideal for a romantic dinner.

5. TFO – The Factory Outlet (Kasba)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: Zomato

TFO – The Factory Outlet is a hidden gem in Salt Lake. The rooftop seating area offers a cozy ambiance, making it an excellent spot for unwinding with friends. The menu features a mix of Indian and global comfort food.

6. Hauz Khas (City Centre 2)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: LBB

Hauz Khas recreates the charm of Delhi’s popular neighborhood of the same name. The rooftop restaurant serves North Indian cuisine and offers a vibrant ambiance with live music and cultural decor.

7. Sky Lounge Bar & Grill (Charnock City)

Rooftop Restaurants In Saltlake Kolkata
Image Source: Tripadvisor

Sky Lounge Bar & Grill is known for its barbecue and grill options. The rooftop setting provides a relaxed atmosphere, making it suitable for gatherings and family dinners.

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The Unique Charm of Salt Lake’s Rooftop Restaurants

The Variety of Cuisines

One of the remarkable aspects of Salt Lake’s rooftop restaurants is the wide range of cuisines they offer. While exploring these elevated dining spots, you can embark on a culinary journey that spans the globe. From the rich flavors of traditional Bengali dishes to the exotic spices of North Indian cuisine and the delicate textures of Oriental delights, your taste buds will be treated to an array of flavors and aromas. Each restaurant has its own unique take on these culinary traditions, adding its distinct twist to classic recipes.

Live Entertainment

Many rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake go the extra mile to enhance your dining experience. They often feature live music performances, adding a melodic backdrop to your evening. Whether it’s the soothing notes of a jazz saxophone or the energetic tunes of a live DJ, the musical entertainment complements the ambiance, creating a memorable atmosphere that lingers in your memory.

Mixology Marvels

Cocktail enthusiasts will find Salt Lake’s rooftop restaurants to be a haven for mixology. Talented bartenders craft a wide range of creative cocktails that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Whether you’re sipping on a classic mojito while watching the sunset or indulging in a signature concoction inspired by local flavors, the rooftop bars in Salt Lake offer a delightful journey for your palate.

Private Events and Celebrations

Rooftop restaurants are not just for casual dining; they are also perfect for hosting private events and celebrations. Whether you’re planning a milestone birthday, a wedding reception, or a corporate gathering, the rooftop event spaces in Salt Lake provide a picturesque backdrop for your special moments. The restaurants often offer customizable event packages, ensuring that your celebration is tailored to your preferences.

Rooftop Culture

The culture of rooftop dining has become an integral part of Salt Lake’s social scene. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the entire experience. Friends gather for relaxed evenings, families celebrate milestones, and couples create lasting memories. The rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake offer an escape from the mundane and a chance to savor life’s moments against a backdrop of city lights.

Insider Tips for Rooftop Dining

Exploring Happy Hours

For those seeking a more budget-friendly dining experience, exploring happy hour specials is a savvy move. Many rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake offer discounted drinks and appetizers during specific hours, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the ambiance and flavors without breaking the bank.

Photography Opportunities Galore

With Salt Lake’s stunning skyline as your backdrop, don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture Instagram-worthy moments. These rooftop restaurants provide a perfect setting for sharing your experiences with friends and followers on social media. Be sure to tag the restaurant to share the love and inspire others to explore the culinary scene.

Planning for Daytime Dining

While rooftop dining is often associated with evenings, some restaurants in Salt Lake offer lunch service during weekends. If you prefer dining in natural light and a more laid-back atmosphere, consider visiting for a daytime meal. You’ll still enjoy the beautiful views while savoring your favorite dishes.

Supporting Local Businesses

By dining at rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake, you’re not just treating yourself to a delightful experience; you’re also supporting local businesses. Many of these establishments source ingredients locally and collaborate with nearby farms and suppliers. Your visit contributes to the city’s economy and promotes sustainability.


Salt Lake’s rooftop restaurants offer a delightful blend of culinary excellence, scenic beauty, and relaxation. Whether you’re a local looking for a new dining spot or a visitor exploring the area, rooftop dining is an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As you plan your next gastronomic adventure in Salt Lake, Kolkata, consider the charm and allure of these elevated dining spots. Revel in the beauty of the city from above while savoring the flavors that make each rooftop restaurant a unique gem in Salt Lake’s culinary crown.

Now, go ahead and embark on your rooftop dining journey in Salt Lake, where unforgettable moments await you at every rooftop restaurant. Don’t forget to bookmark this guide for your next culinary expedition in this vibrant city.

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With this comprehensive guide and additional insights, you’re well-prepared to make the most of your rooftop dining experience in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Whether you’re seeking culinary adventures, romantic escapades, or a relaxing meal with a view, Salt Lake’s rooftop restaurants offer it all, ensuring each visit is a memorable affair.

FAQs about Rooftop Restaurants in Salt Lake

Q1: What are the operating hours of rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake?

Operating hours may vary from restaurant to restaurant, but generally, rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake open in the evening, often around 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM, and close late into the night, typically around 11:00 PM or midnight. Some restaurants may also offer lunch service on weekends. It’s advisable to check the specific restaurant’s hours when planning your visit.

Q2: Are reservations necessary for rooftop dining in Salt Lake?

Reservations are recommended, especially if you plan to dine during peak hours or on weekends. Popular rooftop restaurants can get fully booked quickly, so making a reservation in advance ensures you have a table waiting for you and avoids potential wait times.

Q3: Is there a dress code for rooftop restaurants?

Most rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake encourage smart-casual attire. This typically means avoiding overly casual clothing like beachwear or athletic attire. However, it’s advisable to check with the specific restaurant as some upscale establishments may have more formal dress codes for dinner service.

Q4: Can I celebrate special occasions at rooftop restaurants?

Yes, many rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake are suitable for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or romantic proposals. Some restaurants even offer special celebration packages, including customized menus and decorations. It’s a good idea to inform the restaurant in advance to make arrangements.

Q5: Are rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake suitable for families with children?

Many rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake welcome families with children and offer kid-friendly menus. However, it’s advisable to check with the restaurant about their policies regarding children, especially during evening hours, as some may have age restrictions.

Q6: Are rooftop restaurants pet-friendly?

Pet policies vary from restaurant to restaurant. Some rooftop establishments may allow well-behaved pets on their outdoor seating areas, while others may have restrictions. If you plan to dine with your pet, it’s best to check with the specific restaurant in advance.

Q7: Do rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake typically offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan menu items to accommodate diverse dietary preferences. Many of them are conscious of dietary restrictions and aim to provide a range of choices for plant-based eaters.

Q8: Are rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake wheelchair-accessible?

Most rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake make efforts to provide accessibility options, such as ramps and elevators, to accommodate individuals with disabilities. It’s advisable to inquire about specific accessibility features when making a reservation, especially if you or someone in your party has specific accessibility needs.

Q9: What’s the best time to enjoy rooftop dining in Salt Lake for sunset views?

To enjoy a mesmerizing sunset at a rooftop restaurant in Salt Lake, it’s recommended to arrive during the early evening hours, just before sunset. This timing ensures you get the best spot with an unobstructed view of the horizon and the beautiful sunset.

Q10: Do rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake have designated smoking areas?

Smoking policies may vary from restaurant to restaurant. Many rooftop establishments have designated smoking areas to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers comfortably. It’s advisable to check with the specific restaurant regarding their smoking policy if you have any concerns.

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