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Welcome to India Taza, you are in the right place if you are looking for the best Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook. One of my Instagram followers recently asked me to write a review of the brand-new RH Rooftop Restaurant in Oak Brook.

He intended to take his wife there for their anniversary in order to determine whether it is worthwhile spending the money. I was eager to visit this location because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Best Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook

I recall seeing the restaurant being built when I would walk by it at the Oak Brook Mall before it opened a few months back. The structure is enormous. I was curious to find out what it would be because I had no idea.

Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook
Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook. Photo:

After doing some investigation, I learned that it would be a “Restoration Home” place. My only knowledge of this business was that it sold really pricey furniture and had a store in the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

I was unaware that most of their locations across the world included a rooftop restaurant designed in the style of an atrium.

I tried to make a reservation using the Open Table app months ago. I quickly discovered that getting a reservation was nearly impossible to even weeks after it initially became available.

Prior to a request for a review from one of my subscribers, I had forgotten about RH Rooftop. I was fortunate to find that I could now make a reservation for Friday at 11 a.m.

In an effort to locate the building’s entrance, my wife and I drove up to the enormous structure. There was a small notice that instructed me to use the front entrance, which faced 22nd Street.

I proceeded through a massive fence and through a huge entrance. I came in and was astounded by how stunning the interior was. Two wide staircases that lead upstairs to the restaurant, where a stunningly big crystal chandelier hangs above, caught my attention initially.

Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu

Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu
Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu.

The structure has three stories, the first two of which house stores for extremely opulent furnishings and the third of which is solely devoted to a restaurant.

I also want to emphasize that anyone who is unable to use the steep staircase for any reason can use the elevator.

Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu
Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu. Photo:

As soon as I walk inside the restaurant, I am immediately struck by how stunning it is. The restaurant is decorated with huge trees and a central fountain, which are all scattered among the tables. Large booths and two-person tables make up the majority of the tables. The restaurant is completely covered in glass, giving it the appearance of an atrium or sunroom. There is also a rooftop open-air seating area, but nobody was using it on the day we visited because it was just too chilly.

The host led us to our table and inquired about our beverage preferences. Nothing is free, including water, as I wish to emphasise here. I was given the choice of sparkling or still water. I chose the $9 Aqua Panna bottle. I later learned that they will provide a pitcher of tap water for the table if you make a fuss over the available water options, like the table next to us did.

Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu
Rh rooftop restaurant oak brook menu. Photo:

Their hamburger was the major food item I was eager to eat. It is an identical duplicate of the downtown AuCheval hamburger. archival & Bavette’s restaurants are owned by Brendan Sodikoff, the founder of Hogsalt Hospitality, and are situated in the heart of Chicago. It’s the ideal situation that I can have one of the best hamburgers in the nation without having to wait in line for three hours at AuCheval in the city center. Unlike the AuCheval downtown location, I can make a reservation here, but it costs a big penny.

My hamburger is $22 for the base price, which includes the cheese of my choosing, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. My cheeseburger was $33 without fries if you wanted to add avocado and bacon, which I did for an extra $11. My wife selected the $30 shaved ribeye sandwich. For $20, we ordered a serving of truffle fries with garlic aioli for the table. I’ll admit that the cuisine, ambiance, and service at RH Rooftop are all fantastic, but the pricing is outrageous.

She adored her ribeye, my wife. My hamburger was amazing, and the fries were also excellent. The attendees were dressed in a variety of high-end apparel and extremely casual outfits.

For a special event, I would say RH Rooftop is worthwhile to check out, but given the cost, I could never see it becoming a regular hangout. I also want to mention that our helpful server informed us that the weather was good because on hotter days the glass-enclosed restaurant gets unbearably hot and stuffy. Additionally, I was informed that on hot days, all the doors are opened to allow for a little breeze.

RH Rooftop Restaurant oak brook – Reviewed by a vegetarian

Is it worthwhile to visit a new restaurant that just opened in the Chicago suburbs if you’re a vegetarian?

The well-known Restoration Hardware (RH) store opened in the Oakbrook Center on September 24, 2021, after operating effectively in the city of Chicago. RH began as only a Chicago-based furniture business with a coffee shop that catered to RH customers. However, the café gradually developed to become a very upmarket and lovely restaurant as its coffee and pastries became more and more well-liked. They made the decision to create a branch in the western suburbs because they were so well-liked in the city, and they have been prosperous so far.

Due to its high popularity, getting a reservation here is fairly challenging. Depending on the season, you must make your reservations weeks, not just days, in advance. Given that they started in Covid-19, a time when many are still hesitant to eat at restaurants, they have seen fantastic business and are completely booked.

I observed the inviting atmosphere and great aesthetic as soon as I stepped foot inside this rooftop eatery. The atmosphere is beautifully created with real trees looking over the tables and golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention, there is seating on the terrace for warmer months of the year and a fountain in the center.

Being a vegetarian, I came here hoping to find vegetarian dishes that are both full and delicious, a feat that few restaurants are able to pull off.

The Délice de Bourgogne Cheese was the first dish we tried. This tray included Délice de Bourgogne Cheese, strawberry preserves, and a nice, crisp baguette. A table favorite, the right salty and sweet taste was created by combining the creamy cheese with the sweet preserves.

My mother Shalini Kumar, who joined me for dinner, described the Brie as “a light delicious Brie that combines nicely with the toasted baguette.”

The Crispy Artichokes was a tasty, average-sized bowl of artichokes that came with a dipping sauce that significantly improved the flavor. The artichokes lived up to their name by being incredibly crispy and flavorful.

Our dishes were swiftly cleared after these two appetizers, and new plates and utensils were brought out shortly after. Our server was pleasant throughout the sessions and addressed any queries or worries we had. This includes meeting our vegetarian requirements, which were done with care.

The Truffled Grilled Cheese was then presented to us. I had already looked into this item on their menu and knew I had to try it. Despite the fact that this dish is on the lunch menu, our server was pleased to give it to us when I asked for it.

The combination of cheeses made this dish wonderful, and the bread was nicely browned and crisp to produce a tasty crunch. In addition, it came with peppers on the side, which I didn’t care for but my mother and grandmother enjoyed.

The Shaved Vegetable Salad, which was not only wonderful but also beautifully presented, was something else we opted to order. This salad includes a variety of greens and vegetables that have been thinly sliced. It was artistically attractive as well as delicious to eat. However, if you choose to order this, take in mind that it is a sizable portion.

Last but not least, we had their Truffled Fries. Out of everything I had had, if I had to choose a favorite, this dish would be it. Even though the fries were a little bit floppy, their incredible flavor more than makes up for it.

Every bite has the ideal amount of truffle flavor, and the light cheese garnish adds a nice finishing touch. These already fantastic fries were enhanced by the sauce served on the side.

My mother said, “I’ve never had truffle fries when the cheese has truffle in it.

As you enter this eatery, wear appropriate business casual. Depending on what you order, this restaurant may get expensive, so keep that in mind before you visit.


Overall, my mom and I awarded it a rating of four point five out of five, while my dad and grandma gave it a grade of four. They went above and above what I expected in terms of being a vegetarian-friendly establishment with excellent service. If given the chance, I would without a doubt return to this location, and if you have the opportunity, I really recommend going. It is situated in Oak Brook, Illinois, at 1300 22nd St.

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