Top 15 Cheap Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas

Welcome to India taza, you are in the right place if you are looking for the Top 15 Cheap Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas. Here sharing 15 places to grab a drink on Dallas rooftops! These bars provide some of the city’s best views, as well as, of course, a beverage to complement the scenery.

The Big D is known for its extravagant, showy Texas-style, and there is no better place to take in the city than from one of these fantastic rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

What could be more enjoyable than tucking into a delectable supper and taking in kilometers of bright city lights and distinctively styled buildings?

One of our favorite ways to see a city is by dining at a restaurant with a view. You can simultaneously sample the cuisine and the surroundings!

These suggestions cover a wide range of cuisines and price points, but they all share breathtaking views of the Big D below.

So continue reading if you’re ready to start your Dallas gourmet trip and tour the city at the same time!

All of the restaurants featured here (as well as those in adjacent towns) are also marked on a map so you can easily add them to your schedule.

Are you and your special someone dining out? For more tips on how to liven up your trip, look at our list of romantic things to do in Dallas.

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas. Photo:

Today on the blog, I’m sharing my favorites along with the reasons you should check Cheap Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas Rooftop Restaurants & Rooftop Bars for a View for yourself. RH Rooftop Restaurant features an ingredient-driven menu accompanied by a curated selection of artisanal wines and craft beers.  Guests dine beneath a glass-and-steel atrium amidst trickling fountains, heritage olive trees, and glimmering chandeliers.

Top 15 Cheap Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas

Numerous awards and honors in the field of architecture have been given to Dallas’ cityscape. In fact, the city won the honor of having the “Best International Skyline” in a USA Today Readers’ Choice competition in 2014.

But since North Texas is so flat, there aren’t really any mountains there that you can climb to get a bird’s eye view of the city.

For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of all the rooftop restaurants in Dallas that you must add on your schedule.

1. Vidorra Rooftop

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Dallas Nightlife

Address: $$ | Mexican Restaurant | Deep Ellum

My obsession with this rooftop is real; it is a DREAM. Seriously. Goals. You’ll adore this if you enjoy beautiful places. It’s the most picturesque location for photos, and I especially appreciate how covered it is because it provides a tonne of shade during the hot weather.

Weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. include Happy Hour, with $4 domestics, $5 wines, and $6 margaritas in addition to half-priced appetizers.

2. Happiest Hour

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas

Address: Cocktail Bar | Downtown Dallas | $

among the most well-known for its rooftop, views, fantastic cocktails, and parties! Excellent location for a night out with your pals, and you’ll undoubtedly adore the excellent cocktails they serve.

From 4 to 7 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays, there is a happy hour with $6 appetizers, $5 pints, and $7 wines by the glass.

3. Ser Steakdown at Reunion Tower

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Papercity Magazine

Address: Steakhouse | Medical District | $$$

Known for having not just one of the best steakhouses in all of Dallas (which is evident from the pricing), but also one of the best rooftops! This is the ideal location for a special event on a Dallas rooftop if you want a romantic date night setting with great views and killer food.

Weekday happy hour is from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and features $2 off beer and cocktails, $8 wine glasses, and a 50% discount on wine bottles.

4. Restoration Hardware Dallas

 Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Papercity Magazine

Is it one of the most beautiful rooftops you’ve ever seen? Yes. Additionally, it is absurdly pricey and only appropriate for moms from Highland Park? Yes, again. When the dinner menu’s appetizers are already $20, you know it’s terrible when you have to scroll further. And ten dollars for fries? An outright crime.

However. It continues to be on this list since it is one of Dalla’s most beautiful rooftop views. Please take me in as a pet if you can afford it.

5. Sundown at Granada

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Sundown at Granada

Address: Lower Greenville, $$ || Organic Brunch

The stunning farm-to-table restaurant Sundown at Granada has a stunning décor and a rooftop on the second level to match! Perfect if you’re searching for a completely organic meal at a fantastic restaurant. This Dallas brunch spot is also a personal favorite of mine.

Happy Hour: $4 draughts, $6 craft cocktails, and $6 house wines are available on weekdays until 7 p.m. and on Sundays from 4 to 10 p.m.

6. The Woolworth Second Floor

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: New York City Condo

Address: American restaurant | Downtown Dallas | $

First off, their steak is absolutely delicious if you go. This place is really adorable for a date night with your special someone before going out! The building boasts a beautiful interior and a smaller rooftop patio deck with views of the Dallas Eye. Even though it just has a second-floor location, the view of the skyline is nonetheless noteworthy.

Weekdays till 7 p.m., happy hour with $8 cocktails

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7. 32-Degree Rooftop Bar in Plano

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Lonestar 92.3

Address: Dollars || Rooftop Cocktail Bar || Plano, Texas

First of all, let me reiterate that this is in PLANO! So, not exactly a rooftop bar in Dallas, but close enough!

Definitely not close to downtown Dallas, but ideal for my parents who live a little further out and don’t require a car. For a girls’ night out in the suburbs, 32 Degree is the ideal rooftop bar! Located in Downtown Plano, close to Urban Crust (also Upper Crust has fab pizza).

8. HG Supply Co.

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: The Rooftop Guide

Address: American restaurant and bar |$ || Lower Greenville

A fave of mine! Beautiful, wide upstairs patio with views of the city. Because it’s SO spacious and there is plenty of space for socializing, this is my go-to place for happy hour with larger groups of friends (i.e. the location for birthday parties or workplace happy hours). Additionally, the rooftop view is stunning!

Weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm: Happy Hour, featuring $5 cocktails, $3 beers, and $6 wines.

9. Hawlowe XMX

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source:

Address: Deep Ellum | Gastropub | $

I adore this place’s gorgeous floors and its delicious beverages. Along with the stunning rooftop above, there’s a hidden indoor pub called One Trick Pony that you may visit as well. However, overall, a stunning rooftop view!

No Happy Hour, Happy Hour!

10. Stirr Rooftop in Deep Ellum

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Observer

In Deep Ellum, there is an American restaurant and bar.

Clearly a favorite among Dallas residents, and perhaps a place you’ve heard of before! BUT did you know they have a really good happy hour? A beautiful eating space is located downstairs at Stirr, making it ideal for gatherings. But after you ascend the steps, you’ll be able to glimpse Stirr’s stunning rooftop views!

Weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm are happy hour, offering $4 beers, $5 snacks, and $5 cocktails.

11. Mirador

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Exploratory Glory

Address: $$$$ | American Restaurant | Downtown

The Mirador is well-known for its floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook downtown Dallas and its patio that stands above the activity of the busy streets below, as suggested by its name.

The opulent atmosphere gives a hint about the food served there. Traditional American dishes like tater tots and shrimp and grits are elevated at Mirador, which has won praise for this.

Of course, they also offer a number of traditional dishes, such as beef tartare and a stunning Wild King Salmon.

Dallas is home to several upscale eateries, but Mirador’s vistas justify its high price.

Website | (214) 945-8200

12. Tei-An

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source- Gayot

Address: $$$$ | Japanese Restaurant | Downtown

Tei-An, the elite, members-only rooftop restaurant that has amassed a seemingly unending list of accolades, is an essential addition to any list of Dallas restaurants with views.

Tei-An receives outstanding ratings for its food, service, and design, making it difficult to find any criticisms.

Visit for the delectable fare, but stay for the picture-perfect skyline vistas.

On occasion, Tei-An hosts jazz nights when you may relax on the cozy rooftop and sip on one of the restaurant’s specialty drinks. If you can even enter.

Keep an eye out for when this posh restaurant opens to the public so you won’t miss your chance to experience pure Dallas luxury.

Website | (214) 220-2828

13. The Woolworth

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Facebook

Address: $$$ | American Bar & Restaurant | Downtown

The Woolworths is the ideal location to impress a significant other or watch a sporting event in luxury because it is sophisticated yet understated.

This downtown location combines the best of traditional class and Southern warmth.

Any meal and drink experience is made more alluring by the wood interiors and dim lighting, and the menu’s abundance of tacos, burgers, and steaks serves as a friendly reminder that you’re still in Texas.

Even though it is only on the second floor, their rooftop gives views of several of the city’s parks as well as Dallas’ famously odd sculpture, The Eye.

However, the atmosphere at Woolworths is what draws most customers, as it is typically lively well into the night.

After all, their happy hour has reasonably priced handcrafted drinks and a variety of specialty beers.

Website | (214) 814-0588

14. Terilli’s

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: The Rooftop Guide

Address: Lower Greenville | Italian Restaurant | $

Looking for a hot spot for a romantic night? Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary, impress your special someone with a rooftop supper at Terilli’s.

Jeannie Terilli believed that pizza was too simple and that Italian food needed a distinctively Texas twist when she was coming up with the idea for this restaurant.

The end product was the “italcho,” a plateful of delectable, homemade Italian nachos that captured the attention of many residents and kept them coming back for more.

Terilli’s famous ice-cold martinis come in 17 distinct flavors, so we won’t hold it against you if you order more than one.

The rooftop at Terilli’s has a relaxed atmosphere that more than makes up for the restaurant’s lack of panoramic views by providing a wonderful, immersive eating experience.

Even fire pits are available in Dallas for the occasional chilly night during the winter.

Website | (214) 827-3993

15. The Clover Club

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas
Image Source: Facebook

Address: $$$ | American Bar & Restaurant | Uptown Dallas

At one of Dallas’ swankiest rooftop restaurants, take a trip down memory lane. Long red couches line the rooftop patio of The Clover Club, facing the ultra-modern Uptown city lights.

When you’ve had your fill of the breathtaking vistas, walk inside to the cocktail lounge for live music.

Nearly every night, musicians perform at The Clover Club, with jazz featured in the early evening and DJs taking over after 10 PM.

Make sure to try one of their craft cocktails, which they tout as their specialty. Both their names and their food are delightful.

Alternating between the lowlights of the jazz lounge and the open-air rooftop, it’s easy to spend all night in this incredible venue in Uptown!

Website | (972) 685-5128

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The rooftop bars in Dallas are top-notch and do not let you down. They have high-end beers, chic settings, contemporary rooftop lounges, and a large range of the most inventive cocktails.

We discuss our favorite places for a few drinks and a terrific happy hour in the guide above, which also covers many charming locations with absolutely everything, such as infinity pools, stunning interior designs, and delectable cocktails.

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We hope this will be helpful.

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