Who will win the Bengal election in 2021?

Narendra Modi


Looking at the craze of both parties it’s very difficult to choose who gonna rule Bengal. Both the party people are working really very hard in the rally and in building a community of voters.
From mid-March 2021 it is going very high that both party people come up with a rally in most places that harrash people to focus on their personal works. Everywhere these people are advertising on Radio, Poster, Banners, Rallies, Sticking posters outside our house, plugging flags in auto, buses and whatnot.
As we Indians believe that who so ever comes, we pray things should get better than today (the high price of petrol, the high price of food and medicines, Dearness in most of the daily wages things.)

They got a nice slogan from BJP it is ” JAI SHREE RAM ” and from TMC it is ” KHALA HOBE ” .

Most of the TMC leaders came to BJP
34 legislators who joined BJP from TMC. The saffron party has given 13 tickets only to them. Including a former member of parliament Dinesh Trivedi and actor Mithun Chakraborty, they have not been given a ticket.

Here’s the “High Voltage Bengal Assembly Election” between leaders

. Bally-Baishali Dalmiya vs Dr Rana Chatterjee
. Singur – Rabindranath Bhattacharya vs Becharam Manna
. Krishnanagar North – Mukul Roy vs Koushani Mukhe
. Nandigram – Suvendu Adhikari vs Mamata Banerjee
. Domjur – Rajib Banerjee vs Kalyanendu Ghosh
. Diamond Harbour – Dipak Halder vs Pannalal Halder
. Natabari – Mihir Goswami vs Rabindra Nath Ghosh
. Durgapur Purba – Diptangshu Chowdhury vs Pradip Mazumdar
. Ranaghat Uttar Paschim – Partha Sarathi Chatterjee vs Sankar Singha
. Jagatdal – Arindam Bhattacharya vs Somnath Shyam
. Kalna – Biswajit Kundu vs Deboprasad Bag
. Monteswar – Saikat Panja vs Siddiqullah Chowdhury
. Durgapur Purba – Diptangshu Chowdhury vs Pradip Mazumdar

BJP leaders are in full power to capture West Bengal under their rule. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee love and work for people are not getting over it. West Bengal election is showing the real face of the leaders, things got to change very dramatically in a couple of days.
For example, Mamata Banerjee accused BJP of conspiracy and attack. Mamata Banerjee got a leg injury during her post-nomination rally at Nandigram. On the other hand, BJP’s vehicle was also attacked at Purulia by alleged TMC Workers.

TMC had a vote share of 43% on 18th January and on 27th January poll there was no change in the estimated vote share. But as on 8th march TMC’s vote share reduced a bit to 42.2% but by 15th march poll just after a week vote share again reached where it was earlier upto 43.4%.
Here I can say TMC vote share remains the same it got differ when Mamata Banerjee got her leg injury on 10th march 2021.

It concludes that TMC is getting a vote share of 41% in the 15th February 2021 opinion poll and a 42% vote share in the month of march on the 8th. It simply means that 42-43% share TMC is maintaining.

Let’s Check how BJP’s vote share is working

From January 18th to 15th march vote share reached 38.4%.
This means BJP is also maintaining their vote share between 37-38%. Although it got reduced by 3% from 15th February poll to 8th march somehow they managed to control and reached in their margin range of 37-38%.
Many places in West Bengal BJP got more number of votes same as TMC in most of the places in West Bengal.

Who will win West Bengal Election 2021 ?

It’s not in any body’s hand, it only happens in an opinion poll and mainly the moods of people but elections are won & lost at polling booths of the state. Most violence occurs in the booth but somehow caretakers, police force, army people have to handle the situation.

Being a true citizen of my country I pray for a good governing body in our country.

Let’s wait and see the full dramatic situation between both the parties. It will be a tuff result to accept in whose favour west bengal will go this only time will tell.

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