West Bengal News (Violence & Oath)

Violence starts in West Bengal after the result declaration of the West Bengal Election Assembly 2021.

Before the election, BJP party leaders with their gang said a lot to TMC party people. They slang them, threaten them also said that once the BJP party come to West Bengal they will break the chain of TMC people. Bharatiya Janata Party was totally in believing that in this election will come to rule in West Bengal so by thinking that BJP leaders abuse and said many wrong words to TMC people that TMC people bear their words and quietly all of them were waiting for the result, now when the result is out they want to take revenge what they said and threat before election their anger in blood came out to destroy all the things of BJP party.

In the above video you can see how TMC people are breaking things of BJP leaders.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji called Governor Jagdeep Dhankar over the post-poll violence in the state. On Twitter Bengal government tweeted that PM Modi expressed “serious anguish and concern at alarmingly worrisome law and order situation”. Governer Jagdeep Dhankar tweeted that ” I share grave concerns @PMOIndia given that violence vandalism. Loot and killings continue unabated. Concerned must act in overdrive to restore order”.

Mamata Banerjee appeals for peace in West Bengal

CM Mamata Banerjee appealed for peace and ask to calm in the state and she also blamed fully on BJP party for the violence. CM said Bengal is a peaceful and loving state do not destroy the culture by doing such nonsense. She said that during the election the BJP party did a lot of torture also the CAPF. She said not to indulge in violence, or if you find there is a dispute or happening something wrong should immediately inform the police. The police will take action by following law and order.

Meanwhile, BJPs Gaurav Bhatia demanded a CBI investigation probe into the violence happening in West Bengal. BJP now moved to Supreme Court over the post-poll violence. Kailash Vijayvargiya BJP party general secretary stated that six of their workers were killed and more than 4,000 houses ransacked in the post-poll incident violence in West Bengal. JP Nadda BJP president has decided to go and visit the state at least for two days. He also that he will meet with the party workers who have hit by the violence.

Just after a day of the result, the state is full of violence that left dead and injured people in the clash. Many lost their shops, BJP party offices were broken badly, BJP workers house were badly broken.

Who will pay them? Will the West Bengal government allot new shops or build their home?

From various parts of Bengal people got injured badly, there nearby police station police policemen were not taking any step waiting for CM order. Apart from PM Modi Ji, many other party leaders opposed it.

After 24 hours the defeat of the Narendra Modi party Bharatiya Janata Party lost the West Bengal Election 2021. After seeing the violence it can be seen that the violence is not one-sided. both the BJP and the TMC party people have jumped into the field to fight. As we got the report that total 11 numbers of people found on post-poll killings, these people who lost their lives in this post-poll violence were BJP supporters. Here, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut called Narendra Modi to advise that to repeat the same violence in West Bengal which he did in Gujarat in 2002 and to show his “real Virat Roop”. Kangana Ranaut tweeted any vulgar or immersive posts regarding this which are against Twitter terms and condition by Twitter deleted her account. One of the BJP leader tweeted a video to claim that Hindus are in the problem they are under severe attack many Hindu women have also been molested by “Muslims goons”. Muslims aim to provoke Hindu into action.

BJP party already given a call for a nationwide dharna to protest such attacks. A petition has already been filed in the Supreme Court seeking a CBI investigation into the violence. Dilip Ghosh who is president of the West Bengal BJP said violence in West Bengal is abnormal after the election, there will be a bit of excitement here and there. But he was shocked to hear that within 24 hours six persons were killed and more than thousands of houses have been burnt down. Here BJP should also have to accept their fault, their fault was BJP chief himself opposed for several occasions threatened violence to TMC people. During the campaign, he threatened to smash the opposition party once the BJP comes into power. BJP other party leader like the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh had openly talked about violence in West Bengal after BJP wins. Dilp Ghosh said that he will break the bones of the Trinamool party members after the election. Some of the leaders warned that after the election the “Trinamool Party” goons would beg for their lives”.

Throwing bombs in at Hindu house

BJP leaders are not accepting the election result gracefully. They think the people of West Bengal has made a wrong choice. From the violence undoubtedly TMC workers have been involved also BJP workers are involved at many places that is why TMC members have also been killed in the violence. So the violence is not a one-sided affair. Battles for local supremacy, leading to violent attacks on party offices of the CPI-M and BJP. Mamata Banerjee immediately called their leaders and asked for peace and asked not to get so much provoked and excited, her party is now being levelled.

Some old videos of violence many from other states are being circulated on social media to agitate the minds of people, especially Hindus. Like Odisha and Delhi violent videos incident. Many CPIM(ML) workers are busting fake news about busting, burning and killings. This campaign is not aimed at West Bengal, it is aimed at the districts levels of West Bengal constituents the BJP outside the state. This gave a good lesson to BJP supporters, many of them were demoralised by the utter misgovernance at the centre.

As Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has the responsibility to stop the violence but she emerged as a formidable fighter.

CAN SHE AFFORD TO ALLOW VIOLENCE BY HER WORKERS TO MAR THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HER VICTORY? Violence in any form shall be rejected invoking past connections to justify people with their things, the cycle of violence should stop in West Bengal by Mamata Banerjee decisions.


After the victory of the TMC party for the third consecutive time in the West Bengal Assembly Election, Mamata Banerjee is all set to take oath as the state chief minister. With her Governor, Jagdeep Dhankhar administered the oath of office and Trinamool Congress Chief Today at Raj Bhawan. She took the oath in the Bengali language as it’s her motherland mother tongue.

With his senior’s leaders of her TMC party like Prashant Kishore, Partha Chatterjee and Subrata Mukherjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, they played a very good role in TMC’s victory.

Governor Dhankhar said that ” I congratulate Mamata Ji on her third term win. Our priority is to bring an end to senseless violence that has affected society at large. I have every hope that the CM on an urgent basis will take all the steps to restore rule of law”.

As Queen as power after the oath, she instantly announced that she has to first tackle the COVID-19 situation. She announced that she is going to provide beds to all the COVID-19 patients and treat them free of cost in all government hospitals in West Bengal. She announced to stop all the violence that is happening in Bengal. Coronavirus vaccine will be available in West Bengal from next week declared by CM Mamata Banerjee.

According to article 164 (4) of the Indian Constitution, a minister for a period of six months is not a member of the legislature of the state. After her defeat in Nandigram, CM Mamata Banerjee alleged the Returning officer of the Assembly seat has said that he has been threatened against recounting of votes by BJP leaders.

So, in West Bengal after eight rounds of polling, votes go in the favour of the TMC Party. TMC won 213 seats and on the other hand, BJP got only 77 seats in the 294 seat state assembly.

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