West Bengal Election – Results Out

West Bengal Election: Mamata Banerjee is likely to return as The Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third consecutive term leading with 200+ seats while BJP is under 100 having only 77 seats.

West Bengal Election
West Bengal Election, Photo: firstpost.com

People across the country have their eyes fixed on the West Bengal election results.
It’s a huge loss for BJP now.
Earlier it seems like after doing so many rallies, meetings, conferences, and campaigns people thought BJP will come this time in West Bengal. But here it’s totally opposite TMC who didn’t do many rallies, meetings, and campaigns and so now got the power to rule Bengal again.

We all know “Hard Work pays you”. The chief minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee did her hard work to make West Bengal look like London. It’s still in the process to make London.

Mamata Banerjee (Didi) herself stands from the place where she started her party in Nandigram and she won over 3,000 votes. Standing against the BJP Suvendhu Adhikari her ex-aide. Suvendhu Adhikari left TMC in December.

Today counting of votes for the West Bengal assembly elections began at 8 am on Sunday 2nd May 2021. After a poll campaign during which TMC won the third consecutive term. West Bengal election and power of Mamata Banerjee again showed that TMC was significantly ahead of the BJP, TMC leading with 205 seats on the other hand BJP was leading in only 77 seats. With a 48.5 % vote share in West Bengal, the TMC party is again set to rule Bengal.

If we talk about the 2019 Lok Sabha the total vote share of the Congress party was 12% now fighting against all their vote share this year stepped down to 8%. Now here BJP party leaders are very upset after doing so much hard work in West Bengal rallies, meetings, funding, and more. Babul Supriyo union minister who lost votes by over 50,000 from Kolkata, Tollygunge Area. Next Swapan Dasgupta BJP’s leader lost votes by 6,500.

West Bengal ELection

West Bengal has a total of 294 member assembly seats but in a few places due to the death of a candidate for the Shamsherganj and Jangipur elections couldn’t hold. In 2019 Lok Sabha TMC secured only 43.3 % of votes while the BJP got 18 seats and 40 % votes while on the other hand congress won only two seats with 5% of the share polled vote. This time the Congress party has taken the Indian Secular Front a party that is recently launched by Abbas Siddiqui.

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West Bengal Election, Photo:amarujala.com

People of our country are keenly waiting for those days when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) sought again votes in West Bengal in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This has made a historic victory for TMC in Bengal. But nowhere supremo TMC has returned to power in ruling the state for the third consecutive time. It was a record that by West Bengal 78.32per cent voter turnout in the final. In West Bengal, there are many more people who are still supporting the BJP in support of Modi Ji.

From a political point of view, others believed that BJP will provide much-required oxygen in the face of criticism and protest over the farmer bills and management of the COVID-19 second wave. The victory of Mamata Banerjee is likely to push the BJP further on them barefoot because as we all know it was led by PM Modi Ji and Union home minister Amit Shah they carried the campaign moreover for three months in which half a dozen union ministers of BJP party took place The MLAs, MPs from other states involved in it.

As we all know Lok Sabha elections have plenty of dramatic situations between parties. If we talk about Darjeeling Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leader Bimal Gurung political leader of BJP since 2009 hiding for over two years now back in Darjeeling hills joining TMC party. Suvendu Adhikary one of the right hand of the TMC party the most popular and influencer leader joined BJP targeting Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek and later Mamata didi itself.

Suvendu seat is called the most high-profile constituency in the state. Suvendu Adhikary also called Mamata Banerjee ” Begam ” and TMC supporters ” Pakistan Supporters “. We know most of the TMC leaders, MLAs, and many ministers have switched over to BJP. TMC leaders who switched to BJP such as Prabir Ghosal in Uttar para, Rabindranath Bhattacharya in Singur, and Dipak Halder in Diamond Harbour.

Prashant Kishor a great leader said openly that he will quit political consultancy if BJP managed to win more than 100 seats in West Bengal. In this 2021 election, most of the leaders joined newly in an election in the favor of the BJP like Mukul Roy, Swapan Dasgupta, Ashok Lahiri, and a few others.

Here the big news is coming up India reached 4 lakh plus cases of Covid-19 in a day.
India reached the top of the table of most viral coronavirus cases.

It’s time to say goodbye to BJP leaders who shouted a lot more than their work. This especially goes to Modi Ji and Amit Shah who came here to ask for votes instead of doing anything in West Bengal. PM Modi Ji as a chief minister roaming here and there asking for BJP votes, here the country is dying of coronavirus.

We lost so many people to the lack of hospital beds, nursing homes, lack of oxygen cylinders, and others. PM Modi should run and handle our country well and should take care of essential things first instead of roaming here and there for votes.


Many other party people are trolling BJP now, making memes, raising the slogan of TMC KHELA HOBE now KHELA HOGYA, KHELA HOGYA.

It’s high time to say a final goodbye to Modi Ji

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