West Bengal Coronavirus Update Cases

West Bengal Coronavirus Update Cases

West Bengal Coronavirus Update Cases. Coronavirus made a huge impact in India, while in West Bengal coronavirus lockdown on August 28 cancelled check the new dates.
West Bengal government on Wednesday passed an order to this effect by the government that it has been said that the step was taken in response to the various requests has been received now.
After several communication, it has been received citing difficulty to conduct of businesses and banking operations just because of two days lockdown during Thursday and Friday in the last week of August 2020 followed by one-day lockdown on following Monday as per the order said.
West Bengal State government has considered the request for relaxation of lockdown the order mentioned
There will be a complete lockdown on August 28 stands withdrawn. It will be observed on 20th August,21st August 27th August and 31st August 2020.
So, therefore the states lock will not be only be observed on August 20, August 21, August 27 and August 31st.
According to the news, the latest update of coronavirus cases in West Bengal is 104,326.

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