Now open on the rooftop of Navi Mumbai’s The Game Garden

the rooftop of Navi Mumbai’s (Game Garden)

After success launching totally different ideas and variants within the recreation business, the sport Palacio, the sports Play, and therefore the Game Ranch, the complete has currently launched associate degree final recreation and eating experience- the sport Garden with a secret idyllic top sidebar The tavern, in Navi urban center.

Tucked removed from the active crowd of the town, The tavern features a secret garden atmosphere in its decoration with many trees, and lush bamboo chandeliers complementing the inexperienced and wood piece of furniture that boasts a tropical atmosphere.

Located on the 2d floor of the sport Garden, the top side eating house has an inside and outside seating bar in addition to components of nature within the heart of the latest urban center creating it an ideal place to relax whereas gratification is a very pleasant-tasting food.

Curated by company cook Ganesha, the illustrious food and food menu features a distinctive twist to many signatures, farm-to-plate dishes with a {touch} of native touch.

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