Relationship or Money ? Well Explained

Running to get Love Or Money.
Relationship or Money: In this 21st generation, we forgot to spend quality time with our parents sharing our talks our feelings with them. “Nothing is important rather than this in your life because if you don’t know that your parents are everything for you in this stage of your life “.
Except for them Is there anyone who is more important in your life?
  No one right !!
Because the friends you make are just to make fun of, don’t be much serious about their affairs. “Because the one you trust they break your trust quickly”.
This means the deep meaningful relationship between you and your parents is missing. When the relationship between you and your parents is missing means you don’t have any practice you don’t know how to stay with one and spend the quality time it shows in the future you can maintain a proper relationship with anyone.
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Here’s an extremely serious issue because we all know that the importance of Money gives you the power to live life, comfortability, Richness, lifestyle but peacefully if you want to spend quality time is what?
The relationships are more important, relationship means to spend quality time with your loved ones in reality not to do show off.
For example:-  People say we are watching a movie together.
But deep down the thing is we’re watching a movie together but our thoughts are different.
The perfect example to spend quality time is there should be no mobile phone, no TV,  not watching movies,  no roaming around you should be together talking to each other sharing your problems your mistakes. This is how the relationship builds. Once you do it feels satisfied from both sides. If the relationship is meaningful from both the side they can’t throw you in trouble.
From both the side if you are getting the same amount of love, respect and happiness then it can’t feel you boring.
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    On the other side if we talk about money it can buy you pleasure which will be for a moment and after that, it will dissolve you and starts to feel boring.
  For Example:- Your favourite food rice with paneer masala,  if you are offered to eat rice with paneer masala every day every time Day1, Day 2, Day 3 you ate after that you will feel frustrated. Same way with money once you buy your pleasure for a certain time you will feel comfortable with that after that time comes when u start getting frustrated with it. But if you are in a relationship deep meaning relationship where you both feel comfortable just like your parents. If we learn how to spend our meaningful quality time with our parents, then how long it can go?
  Lifetime Right.. ??
    I say if you have less money whether you do a job or business or you have a small house or a big house, a big car or a small car that is not important is simply not important. Important is you can feed your family, you should have a house to live big or small doesn’t matter.
   Most important is meaningful relationships. People around us to whom we can blindly trust and even they can also trust you blindly. To those people whom you can share blindly what happened to everything in your life.
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” Giving your undivided attention to someone is the beginning of a truly meaningful relationship “.

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