Rahul Gandhi Speech Really Irrelevant

New Delhi, India: Rahul Gandhi Speech, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) went all guns blazing at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after he finished a speech in Parliament on February 2. Read Rahul Gandhi Tweets below

BJP MPs interrupted Gandhi’s speech in response to the presidential address on the Narendra Modi government’s Budget 2022 in the middle. Because it was their allotted time, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Gaurav Gogoi and Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury complained to Speaker Om Birla, and only then could the opposition leader finish his response to the presidential address, as is customary in parliamentary democracy.

Rahul Gandhi Speech

Immediately following the Congress leader’s speech in parliament, BJP leaders and supporters attacked him with all guns blazing – but with emotion rather than facts.

The BJP leaders’ attack on Gandhi’s speech on the floor of the Lok Sabha quickly shifted to television studios and Twitter, and it has continued into the morning of February 3rd. The BJP’s multi-pronged attack on Gandhi and his speech has been carried out not only through the central media unit and IT cell trolls, but also by eliciting comments from Modi’s ministers, a chief minister or two, and state unit leaders – enough content to keep the trending hashtag #pappu trending for a second day.

What comes through in the BJP’s ongoing attempt to portray Gandhi as politically irrelevant is the party’s fear that he is, in fact, quite the opposite.

The scale and ferocity of the attack on Gandhi following his February 2 speech only demonstrated that he is still politically relevant, and the BJP must make every effort to ensure that the tide does not turn in his or his party’s favor.

Modi and his version of the BJP can thrive only by making a ‘pappu’ of the country’s top leader of the main opposition. As a result, he should not be allowed to ask tough questions about the Central Government’s performance, especially when there is nothing substantial to show in the progress report.

On February 2, Gandhi could generate interest in the traditional media, and especially social media, because he did exactly what BJP strategists don’t want him to do: turn the heat on the Modi government and the party that has ruled the country since 2014 whenever he wants by asking tough questions that are also lingering in the public’s mind, and be widely noticed for doing so.

Rahul Gandhi Tweets

Gandhi, who was mocked on Twitter by the BJP IT cell in 2017 for being unable to “construct two sentences without fumbling,” does not appear to be causing the same IT cell any sleepless nights. What better way to counter him than to label him an “anti-national”?

Following the script, tweets appeared in unison, accusing him of not viewing India as a “nation,” but as a “union of states,” despite the fact that Gandhi had only quoted from what the Constitution grants us as a country.

Of course, the BJP is likely to face a difficult election season. Congress is a minor player in Uttar Pradesh, where it has the most at stake this election season. Gandhi’s tirade against Modi’s government and the BJP’s report card may not be directly relevant to the UP elections, but what he said in a concise manner may be. For example, take Modi’s lofty election promise of creating two crore jobs every year and failing miserably to deliver.

Furthermore, Gandhi hit a raw nerve when he spoke about the Modi government’s serious efforts to weaken the institutions that have kept the world’s largest democracy afloat – the judiciary, the Election Commission, and so on. Worse, he questioned the alleged use of Pegasus spyware on private citizens, including opposition leaders, by the Central government. These attacks bring the BJP government closer to what it has long chastised Gandhi’s party for the Emergency.

The BJP’s strategists understand that Modi and his ministers cannot respond to Gandhi’s speech with reason. As a result, claiming to be offended is the best defense. And what better way to do so than to seek an “apology” for his remarks.

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