Pubg update – Pubg mobile light

Pubg update: Previously when pubg was banned by the central government of India all the pubg lovers were disappointed. They couldn’t able to substitute pubg with any other game, pubg comeback will be the biggest reason for Indian gamers to rejoice. PUBG’s new version in India will be called PUBG MOBILE INDIA.
Pubg update - Pubg mobile light
Pubg update – Pubg mobile light
Here Indian word denotes many things that went wrong in the earlier version and it led to the ban is now been fixed. PUBG MOBILE INDIA has officially announced of launch in India by PUBG Corporation.
The new version includes local customization such as directors starting the game fully clothed. The Indian government said that pubg mobile India’s official launch will be announced soon.
PUBG Corporations’ parent company Krafton recently tied up with  Microsoft to store user data on the Azure cloud, which is also available in India locally.  South Korean PUBG Corporation has that it offers secure and healthy gameplay for the PUBG mobile India. The Indian government has mandated that the data of Indian users stay within the borders under the data localization policy.
PUBG mobile app is a very bad influence on teenagers of India, said the government. PUBG mobile is a violent game ad racing against certain cultural practices.
Now in India’s government that PUBG mobile India the characters will be fully clothed, different from the regular version where avatars are half-naked and have to dress with the help of attires won. The game will be e set in a virtual training ground that would be very easy to play for Indian users.

Pubg update

Around 60-70% of Indians are addicted to PUBG mobile games now when they hear that pubg will come back to India they got excited. The biggest reason behind the dismissal of pubg mobile was health reasons, most of the users play day and night without caring for anyone, to take care of this thing  PUBG Corporation has done the best thing by addressing the new feature inside PUBG mobile India that will put restrictions on game time “to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players”. This feature will be observed every time by PUBG Corporation.
The Indian government subsidiary will employ 100 people in each of the areas, esports, and game development through which the Government and users are associated with the foreign manpower. By taking this move it will be very beneficial for our country to increase jobs in-country, a special event the app ecosystem of India is undergoing major changes against Chinese apps.
PUBG Corporation has also announced that it will create an Indian subsidiary to enhance communication and service with players.
Apart from this, PUBG Corporation will make an investment worth $100 million in India, which various ecosystem and local video games, esports, entertainment, and IT Industries wants to cultivate in it.
According to the report, this could be the largest investment by a coding company in India other than those in the manufacturing industries. This investment will be dedicated to esports, entertainment, events, and tournaments that the new India subsidiary gives a boost to the Indian gamers community. By doing this, the company says it will bring a large price pool and tournament production for India Exclusive.

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