Portable oxygen concentrators Available

The shortage of Portable oxygen concentrators, Nursing homes, Hospital beds, Shortage of vaccines.

Moreover, 40 countries are helping India to fight against Covid-19.

Here India is gasping for Oxygen, crises of oxygen concentrators neighbors, and friends stepping out to provide assistance in the form of liquid oxygen, and oxygen tankers.

Hard days are here the second wave of coronavirus in India made a huge crisis almost over in all things.

Here I am to help the people to get oxygen cylinders as quickly as possible.
I have some numbers in which you have to call and book your oxygen cylinder by giving the details of Patient (Patient Name, Age, Address, Oxygen level he/she has, and a few more..).

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Portable oxygen concentrators

I am providing a few phone numbers of the suppliers all over India you can directly contact.

Delhi : 08048079133, 08046040688, 08046026535, 08048016768, 08049591766

Kolkata : 07059323029 ,08048079133, 08048601404, 07971471704, 08048874403

Gurgaon : 08046040688, 08048801633, 08048880718, 08046051706

Faridabad : 08046040688, 08048742535, 08048975718, 08048989698

Ghaziabad : 08049591766, 07971388086, 08048014329, 08048601734

Meerut : 08048415292, 08048601734, 08048762358, 08048371972

Ambala : 09896404590, 09215618212, 08049591766, 08048754212

Agra : 08049591766, 08048078520, 08046051706, 09808315526

Jaipur : 08048719363, 07971389338, 08048371659, 08048864992

Chandigarh : 08048081261, 08048737799, 08068970179, 08048839594

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Portable oxygen concentrators

Ludhiana : 08048081261, 08042953018, 09888152811, 08048361217

Kanpur : 08049591766, 08048014329, 08048975384, 08046051706

Lucknow : 08046040688, 08068442293, 08048412405, 08048014329

Varanasi : 08068441097, 08048371547, 08068441177, 09793005254

Allahabad : 08048371662, 08068441055

Patna : 07971475618, 08048978549, 08048014329, 08068970649

Guwahati : 08068442266, 08068970637

The following numbers are taken from the IndiaMART site.
If I missed writing any city name with number kindly visit the India Mart website to check your state-wise supplier’s number.

India is been helped by the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Germany, and Russia to fight against Covid-19.

Medical AID Arrives from the UK, UK sends India vital supplies, 100 ventilators sent to India. 95 Oxygen devices were sent to India.
Singapore has donated four cryogenic oxygen tanks to India affiliated with the Indian Air force.
The USA already sent the first batch with 318 oxygen concentrators which already reached India.
The UK has sent 495 oxygen concentrations, 120 non-invasive ventilators, and 20 manual ventilators.

Australia announced to send oxygen, ventilators, and PPT kits to India.
Saudi Arabia is shipping 80 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to India.
UAE airlifts high capacity oxygen tankers from Gulf nations.
Russia is planning to send oxygen concentrators, generators, and drugs.
Russia is sending 3-4 lakh units of Remdesivir Injection (an important drug) that has a shortage across India.

Most the countries are mad scramble for Oxygen. Daily more than 3 lakh people are added to the list of infected people. Crises of Oxygen are the major reason for deaths now.
Delhi now suffers the most from oxygen deficiency followed by other states in India.

The Indian government announced that every state and every district will have a PSA Oxygen plant. Now our country is producing around 8,500MT oxygen.
From the next week, the oxygen supply would be better said by PM Modi Ji.

One lakh Oxygen Concentrators and 500 Oxygen plants are to be bought from PM Care Fund. The future can be the best after hearing this.

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