Top 10 part time Housewife jobs in India

Part time Housewife Jobs: A small request to all youngsters if your mom/aunt doesn’t understand English please help her to read this article about housewife jobs in India .


You are super-powerful. We know that you care for us too much that’s why India Taza has brought up a new initiative for you all to earn money from home. Being a housewife if you get the time and you want to utilize it and if you are interested to help your family with your earnings then this is the perfect place for you because here you will read more about part time housewife jobs.

During the pandemic time, we all sat at home searching for online jobs. Internet source says that apart from men’s jobs people also searched for mom/housewives online jobs.

Housewife jobs in home
Part time Housewife jobs

So this article is for all the moms and housewives who want to work online.  In your spare time without spending you can do your online job meanwhile you can also take care of your family members.

In India, most the women after marriage want to do a job as before marriage they were involved in some work and yes after child-birth they get so busy that they couldn’t able to give time to themselves.

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Nowadays internet itself a world gives us the right education to do work. It gives us a platform where most of the population can earn a good amount. You can start work at home anytime without any investment.

Part time Housewife jobs in India – Jobs For Housewife

  1. Home Bakery and Nutritious Snacks:-   If we go to a market we get regular cakes but these days there is a lot of demand for customized cakes. So if you become a queen of your own area in making customized cakes then it will be well and good.
 You can also bake nutritious bread & cookies and most important thing these days people are more conscious about their health with their pets, so you can also bake dog biscuits.

Healthy items like Oats ladoos , multigrain ladoos, etc. Make sure you should use organic things to make such things. Connect to local shops owner to sell you products, and make whats app / Facebook group for orders.

    2.  Coaching:- Coaching doesn’t mean not only teaching. Coaching means what you know better than others with that you can teach others well it can be yoga, dancing, Mehendi art, dancing, music, baking, etc.  The good thing about this work is you can teach online as well as offline.  

  3. Tiffin Services:-  Believe my homemade food is the best, most people love to eat homemade food.  Say for example corporate industries people mainly eat outside because they face problems cooking. You can cook for Students, Working couples, Senior Citizens, Bachelors, etc.If you know that you have magic in your hands then definitely you will get orders.

You can also deliver your food packets in partnership with food delivery companies. By god grace, if your business runs well then you can also expand it by starting catering services.

4.  Tuition Classes:-  Tuition classes are the main source of income these days. Almost all students need tuition classes for their doubts. Parents spend a lot to see their kid’s bright future. So here you can teach kids online/offline.

The best will be to make a course topic and upload it to different learning apps by giving your price. Learning apps like Unacademy, Byjus, Vedanta, etc.. where people will come and buy their preferred courses. This is a recurring type of income for you.

One more thing if you take online/offline classes please do not worry about standards because whether it is primary, secondary, senior secondary or college at every level you will find students.

So choose according to your level of capability. And believe me, if you teach well then not only from your state but other state people will also join your tuition center.

5. Stitching & Alteration:-  If we say stitching that doesn’t mean stitching dresses or blouses. Stitching means you can make cushion covers, table runners, and computer covers these products you can sell online/offline. Here there’s also a very important point if you can customize to customer demand then it would be well and good.

These days all want customized things and most things like computers, bedsheets, and mattresses don’t have a perfect size. So most people don’t do stitching but everyone needs stitching & alteration.

  6. Day Care Centers:-  Being a lady you already know how to take care of a child and this love you can also give to other kids in daycare centers. Working couples need this a lot, a daycare center must be always cleaned and hygiene what parents see first.

If you want your center to be different then add game activities for children, teach kids how to be independent in life, and how to never give up. After seeing such activities parents will appreciate it a lot. This can be a very successful business.

  7.  Network Marketing:-  In network marketing you can sell products just like personal care products, home care products, and cosmetics products from companies like Amway, Evon, and Vestige. By selling their products you make your chain when you sell something then you get a commission here if someone who is in your chain sold something then also you will get a commission.

It is hard-working work but trusts me most of the ladies are doing this work along with their husbands and both of them are earning well.  

  8. Bed and Breakfast:-  Students face lots of problems in P.G. regarding their food, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Some come to do jobs, many for studies. There are many visitors/tourists who are looking for a good rented room.

If you don’t have small kids, if there’s a guest room in your house that is empty then you can provide it as rent for 2-3 days. To advertise you can click pictures of your room with toilet, a/c, hall whatever you have, and post them on social media platforms.

You can also add Rent with Breakfast and lunch or as per customer requirement and budget. By doing this your customer will be happy as he/she gets a cleaned room, and bathroom with a housing facility beside that you earned as well.  To advertise online you can list such companies as, and Airbnb, and make your trip. Here you can post pictures and such companies will surely give you customers.

  9. Start your own Homemade cooking or tips Youtube Channel:- Nisha Madhulika chef and many other Indian women have a youtube channel, they post delicious cooking food recipes on the other side there are many who give tips about how to be a natural beauty, how to solve home-based problems, etc. I know it will take a long time but trust me it’s a great platform to earn money.

 10. Make and Sell your Art  ( On Online Platforms ):-  Show your talent, in making handmade things like Drawings, Paper Bags, Soft toys, Paper made home showcases like Shubh Labh any handmade has a high demand. You can make them in bulk and can share them on social media with your friends, and relatives by giving your phone numbers.

After doing that it will come in demand, you can also deliver it by yourself by fixing a good rate. It’s good to work that you can do in your spare time.  If we talk about online then Flipkart, and Amazon comes first in our mind. Here you can give your products to an online selling platform they will give you an order in return you get paid.

We always say do what makes you happy’    

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