Jeff Bezos billionaire net worth of $200 billion.


Jeff Bezos:- Amazon founder he now becomes the world’s first-ever $200 billionaire. The world richest person is wealthier than he’s ever been. His net worth touch the record $ 200 billion marks on Wednesday when shares of his online shopping company reached $3,403.64.
Around $82 billion office net worth was added this year after e-commerce. His online e-commerce business selling got doubled when his company Amazon has The Great Indian Sale and now the last Independence day sale contact list-purchasing got a push during this situation.
As of 9 am on Thursday, Jeff Bezos the Amazon founder and CEO is worth $205.0 billion – nearly around $90 billion more than the world’s second-richest person, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft who is currently net worth is $116.1 billion.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos network are up by $4.9 billion, the 56-year-old man the first-ever person to amass a $200 billion fortune.
According to the report, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have no friends, but they both are close to each other.
According to Forbes, been said that business would be even richer, he had not gone through the “most expensive” divorce settlement in last year
He decided to split from ex-wife Mackenzie Scott last July, he agreed to give her 25% of his Amazon stake which worth $63 billion.  He gives away $1.7 billion in charitable gifts.
Mackenzie Scott is currently the world’s 14th richest person and second richest woman. 
Jeff Bezos has now become the first person ever with worth USD 200 billion on Wednesday, the CEO and Amazon founder was worth USD 204.6 billion.

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