Indian Railways to fine Rs 500 without a mask

Indian Railways: Daily more than thousands are traveling now by train from one place to another.
After a few months, it’s been going to complete 2 years of coronavirus. We Indians know that we all are careless sometimes, not wearing masks, no social distancing, no precautions etc.

Migrants flee to their villages after seeing the daily updates of more than 2 lakh covid-19 cases. The trains of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Ranchi and few other states of India are full packed with passengers, returning home in the fear of lockdown.

According to a worldwide report, India is in the second position after the US.


TOTAL CASES (31,176,938) DAILY UPDATE (73,932)


TOTAL CASES (14,526,609) DAILY UPDATE (234,692)

Here Indian Government come up with a new action plan for all Indians.
Its already been done almost in every state that if a person is without masks then local police inspector should find of 100-200rs.

Now here from Indian Railways, it’s officially declared that fine of Rs 500 those who are without a mask inside the premises or inside the train.
Indian Railways also said that a penalty will be charged for spitting on railway premises or any similar discourage unhygienic nature in public health.

This operation procedure has been introduced by the Railways on May 11, 2020. The procedures also tell the passengers to wear facemask at the entry of every railway station.
Now after this rule where will middle-class people go if unfortunately, they forget to wear a mask.
Take such small things seriously when you step out of your house or be ready to pay Rs 500 fine.
Passengers also have to maintain Covid-19 protocols which include maintaining social distancing, temperature check at the entry of railway stations also to make passengers aware of sanitising their hands.

For everyone’s safety, security measures have been given to all stations as well as in trains. GRP/ RPF also helping the inflow of passengers for crowd management.
They are to ensure the passengers following the covid norms and protocol including maintaining wearing of masks, social distancing etc.

Strict rules made by Indian railways it is to ensure that only bonafide passengers with confirmed reservation are allowed to board the train.

Including social media state and the central government regularly do announcements to be safe with your family. Awareness campaigns are going on all over India. For passengers, to follows all the norms & protocol of covid-19 Indian railways made digital screens at stations.
More than 1490 special trains are being sanitised. Here railways are investing more to protect our lives and gives employment to unemployed people.

Sanitisation is being done at all common touch areas, from railways to offices, lifts, the entrance of malls, banquets, showrooms etc.
It seems like in April 2021 almost 70% of train services have been restored.

It’s been a record that Indian Railways suggest the highest ever loading of 123 2.64 million tons was achieved in the year 2020-21 without being affected by; in spite of the pandemic.

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