Due to Covid-19 Over 1.89 crore, people lost jobs

Five months ago:- CORONAVIRUS epidemic has broken the back of the working class. It shows between April and July, 2.67 crore people lost their jobs.  Among them most of the people who lost their jobs belong to the salaried class.
According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) data, around 1 crore 77 lakh employed people lost their jobs in the month of April while on the other side around 1 lakh became unemployed in May. While in the month of June around 39 lakh new jobs arrived but in July again 50 lakh jobs were lost. Hence, between April and July 1.89 crore, people with Jobs have lost their jobs.
In this pandemic situation companies from different sectors cut their employee’s salaries or send them on leave without pay.
However, the number of people working in the unorganized sector has increased by 2.5 % in a year. From the report, it also seems that in July last year, 31 crores 76 lakh people working in the unorganized sector. But now this year in July the number has jumped to 32 crores 56 lakh. This means within the number of people working in the unorganized sector has increased by 2.5 %.
According to the CMIE report, it has been said that small businessmen, hawkers, and daily laborers severally hit badly in this epidemic. Around 9 crores 12 lakh people belonging to the sections also lost their jobs in April while in this month 12 crore of 15 lakh jobs were lost from all sectors.
The Shares of a small businessman, daily workers, and hawkers areee around 32% of the total jobs, but around 75% of the jobs lost in April belong to the section. At the same time the shares of the salaried jobs category in total jobs are 21% and in the month of April sector lost 15% of jobs.
The world is facing the biggest economic crisis after the second world war now due to the spread of infection. Both the IMF and the World bank anticipate that the world economy may decline from 4-5% in the current financial year while talking about India the Indian economy is projected to decline by 3.2 %.
Rahul Gandhi Congress leader Tweeted that CMIE report and said that in the last four months around 2 crore people have lost their jobs. He said that the future of 2 crore families is in darkness. Spreading false news and hatred on Facebook the truth of unemployment and about the economy cannot be hidden from the country.

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