The Indian government announced the registration of Coronavirus vaccines for all the citizens whose age is 18+ are eligible to take the vaccine. The portal of Cowin opened from 4 pm on Saturday 1st May 2021.

It was a rumour that after taking the Covid-19 vaccine your body starts itching more.
Hence now it’s been proved that it’s all insane.
Every citizen of India has to get vaccinated on or before a month.
Sharing a video through which you all have to believe that we have to take Vaccine as early as possible especially for those who has a breathing problem.

Many said it’s all fake nothing gonna happen after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.
I sometimes believe yes it might be true earlier. Now after hearing from the news, doctors, seniors that the Vaccine is very well suited in Covid-19 patients and it removes the problem of respiration.
Protects you more to bring negative from positive in your Covid-19 report.
The government helping us to give the vaccine free of cost to save our lives, so it’s our duty to take the vaccine on time before it’s too late.

As per our source we know Indian government is providing free vaccination of Covid-19 from the age of 45+ to your nearby government hospitals.

Age 45+ Vaccination :

Government Hospitals :- Providing Free Vaccination in limited time period with limited persons of around 100-200 at each session.

After the vaccine is administered the person will have to remain on the premises for about 30 minutes for observation.
Each person has to take photo their photo identification documents like an Aadhaar card, voter id, pan card, driving licence, passport or pension documents to get the vaccination.
This process helps in verifying individuals details and update vaccination status.

Private Hospitals :- Taking charges of Vaccination many hospitals taking ₹250 per person many other’s charging ₹400 per person.

After getting their full vaccinated process beneficiary will get SMS to their registered mobile number also generate QR-based certificate.

This report is preparing to show the government how many vaccine sessions have been conducted, how many people attended dose and how many have dropped out.

Age 18+ Vaccination :

Private hospitals:- Firstly you need to install the “Cowin” app or for registration. There you have to register yourself by giving your mobile number OTP confirmation. After that enter the person or family member names one after another.
Make sure 1 phone number can register 3-4 persons at a time.

After login, you need to do registration by providing your photo identification documents full details like your name, address pin code, DOB, Aadhar number or any identity proof number, mobile number, etc.

Once you are done with that your registration is completed, you need to wait for your slot to get vaccinated in your nearby private hospitals. They will be provided with an appointment for receiving the shot, the full details of the appointment will be sent on the registered mobile number.

Now on the day of the appointment the individual need to carry the appointment slip with the photo identification documents proof which they used to do registration.

Government hospitals:- Register yourself by clicking the link below #mygovindia

Apart from COWIN portal/app the government also taking registration from Arogya Setu and UMANG apps .

Arogya Setu and UMANG app have the same online procedure of registration.
The user first has to register for the vaccine. Next, he/she have to enter their mobile number for OTP confirmation. After that, the user needs to fill in the required information like details of photo verification document, birth year, gender etc.
Make sure the app doesn’t allow the user who born after 1976.

WhatsApp Image 2021 05 02 at 10.45.15 AM 1
Make sure to open this site you must use desktop mode in your phone.
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These days vaccination rolls out of stock, age of 18-45 might get their shots. But the age of 45+ might not get a chance of getting their slots due to a shortage of vaccination.
The government ordered new supplies of vaccine will be provided excepted from June.

WhatsApp Image 2021 05 02 at 10.50.10 AM

The state government of Rajasthan, Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand they already started giving vaccination to all adults from May 1.
States including Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Telangana addressed to shortage of vaccine.

According to the Times of India, data Serum institute is expected to produce 10 crore doses of Covidshield, Dr Reddy will make 40 lakh vaccines of Sputnik V by the month of June and Bharat Biotech will make one crore doses of Covaxin.

Here question arises that the government planned to cover 40 crore people should get done by August 2021.
Will they keep their words for granted?

Only 2.38 crore people have received both doses more than @14.53 crore shots have been admitted according to government record.

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