Coronavirus Lockdown 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown: The central government has given the responsibility to the state government in august 2020 to handle this pandemic situation.
Not only in Delhi, Mumbai there are many other states who are facing this issue, but this year’s covid-19 causes are also more in comparison to last year. After seeing high cases in Delhi, the Delhi government banned the Holi celebration.

Central Government has done with this comorbidity clause now they have come up with a new step-anyone above 45 can now register with Co-WIN portal and take free corona vaccine.

Lockdown news 2021: After getting 40,000 new covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours, Shri Narendra Modi changed the vaccination process now it will come into force from the 1st of April.
So, next time if you don’t feel good and get the symptoms of coronavirus do visit the nearest government hospital to take the free vaccine.
From the report of India Taza as we got the information that the second wave of coronavirus is more dangerous, from the report of health data it shows as on March 1st the cases got doubled from last year.

So, the total number of cases are getting doubled in less period of time.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that these days more people are dying due to these viral complications.
This is another terminology that has been used by health experts to understand the rate of individuals infected to transmits the virus.

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If we talk about the national level then Kerala, Punjab, and Maharashtra are the three major states who contribute to the active cases in India.
Most cases came from Maharastra followed by others. By seeing such condition health ministry says that 14 states and UTs have so far not registered any deaths related to this virus in the last 3/4 days.

Last year in 2020 it was the time of lockdown, watch the video below to remember the lockdown anniversary.

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