China: Thousands Party shoulder-to-shoulder without masks at Water Park in Wuhan.

Once it was the epicentre of coronavirus:- Today Wuhan is hosting a crowded pool party.
Wuhan had witnessed more than 2 months of strict lockdown with the voice coronavirus outbreak. But 6 months later at the Maya beach water park saw thousands partying hard with no mask, no social distancing. The city had been reported in any case since mid-May.
Thousands of partygoers packed out a water park for the weekend in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan, where coronavirus first emerged and this is the scene right now in one.
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The popular Maya beach water park in Wuhan was filled with people in swimsuits and goggles for an electronic music festival. The waterpark reopens in June after Wuhan comes up after 76 days of strict lockdown and strict restrictions to control the spread of the virus.
 Their local media says that capped attendance at 50% of normal capacity they are offering half-price discounts for female visitors.
In the picture you can see a performer in a stage show at the front of the water waved at the crowd, people waving their arms back some snatching photos on phones protected in plastic pouches around their necks.
Another one on a waterjet board entertains their audience by hovering above them which Sparks shooting from his back.
In the crow, I of them had donned life jackets, but none of the tightly packed partygoers was seen to be wearing face masks as a DJ is a bright yellow wearing headphones played on stage.
From here the first known cases of COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan late last year, a city of 11 million people. The virus spread across the world killing, hundreds of thousands and beating badly the economy.
Their lockdown was lifted in April and there have been no new domestically transmitted cases.
How Wuhan controlled Covid-19? 
According to this CNN report on beach water park open in late June but more than a month of seasonal rain has discouraged crowds from going out. Hubei Daily reporter said that the number of visitors in early August only counted for half of the level in the same period last year.
The Hubei capital hasn’t reported new cases since mid-May, the last three coronavirus patients in Wuhan were discharged on 5th June, and after that Central Chinese city has recorded zero cases of the virus.
As the original epicentre of this virus, infections in a city account for nearly 60% of the more than 84,000 today confirmed cases across China, this news is according to the data from the country’s National health commission and Hubei provisional Health Commission.
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