School Reopen in India

  INDIA, New Delhi:- More than 60 lakh citizens have effected by this coronavirus in India. Almost after six months, many states have decided to reopen their gates of school for senior students. But for that, they also have a long list of rules to be followed as per the COVID-19 protocol announced in unlock 4 by the central government.
The guidelines of unlocking 4, as the Union Home Minister had permitted schools to reopen from September 21st and it’s the final decision for the states, surely there must be a set of rules for schools to reopen. Teachers and students of the state who stays in the containment zone area and not permitted to attend schools. Now independent situation schools are allowed to operate with only 50% teaching and non-teaching staff and only classes 9 to 12 can attend the school classes.
Students who decided not to attend the school classes physically for them teachers have to continue online classes and the students who decided to attend school classes they should get a permission slip signed by their parents or guardians, Sims attendance will be on a voluntary basis.
As per guidelines schools, the shiv magnet really has a thermal scanner at the entrance of the gate, and students, teachers, and the non-teaching staff can enter only after checking their body temperature. Most importantly it should be check by the volunteer Hindi entrance of the school that teaches students on non-teaching staff have to wear face masks, and your sanitiser regularly to wash their hands following the 20second rule.
Assam: Assam state government decided to open schools for classes 9 to 12th for at least 15 days, after that by seeing the situation they will review and evaluate.
Jharkhand: The Home Minister and the state government have allowed students of classes 10 and 12 to get back to schools, keeping in mind the guidelines of the COVID-19. Vaidyanath Mahato, the state education Minister says that students education is suffering we also revealed that from the survey we will come to know more about 27 % of the students in urban states are able to access online classes. Sometimes some children do not even have a mobile connection.
Uttar Prasad: Due to COVID-19 cases schools and educational institutions are likely to remain closed by this month. The UP deputy chief Minister, Dinesh Sharma said that the state will decide their decision whether schools will open or not by seeing the situation of COVID-19 until September 15.  All the classes of 10 and 12, it will be conducted through Doordarshan UP and Swayambha channel for class 9 and 11. This time table is fixed for the classes every week. classes upto 8th standard will most probably not attend the school classes but they win study through WhatsApp groups or other such means.
Himachal Pradesh: Here the state government has decided to reopen schools from Classes 9 to 12 from tomorrow.
Karnataka: Here state government has allowed schools and university colleges in the state to open from September 21. As they are not allowed to come and resume English classes but the students can only come to clear the queries when they have related to their studies as directed by unlocking 4 guidelines.
From September 21 all the teachers of class 9, 10, and 11, and 12 will be present in the school their doubts of the students related to their doubts.
Delhi and Haryana: Here state government had decided that schools will not open until October 5. Earlier as it was decided for the future that schools will be open for senior class students so that they can go visit teachers to clear their doubts.
Andhra Pradesh:- Here the state government has said that nearly about 50% teaching and 50% off non-teaching staff and the fall in the school. Any students from class 9 to 12 can visit study in school after the gate of the written permission from the parents.
Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh: Here both state already are not in favour of open school as on the other side Chhattisgarh is also not thinking and it is has been emphasizing having online classes.

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