Backup Solution for office 365

Microsoft 365 stores your data on their servers and in their data centers, which is sufficient for casual use, but only to a point. If a server or a hard drive fails, data redundancy ensures that you won’t lose data, backup Solution for office 365 lets alone experience service interruption.

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic cloud-based option for companies of all sizes searching for productivity software without the hassle of maintaining them locally. Despite the fact that platform maintenance is no longer your responsibility, it is still necessary to stay on top of other activities. The most important of these is data backup.

Backup Solution for office 365
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However, that only pertains to hardware; do you have a backup to restore a file that has been corrupted by software? Do you have a backup of a database that someone purges with a badly sanitized script? Is it possible to restore a set of files that are only used sometimes but are vital to the business?

Maintaining a solid backup system is critical to utilizing Microsoft 365 successfully, especially at a business size.

Backup Strategies for Success

Let’s speak about best practices for backing up Microsoft 365 data before we get into the specific backup products and solution options.

Obviously, the first step – or zero, depending on how fundamental it is – is to make sure you’re backing up your data. While it’s simple to trust a cloud service to retain backups even in the event of a catastrophic failure, this doesn’t guard against user error, data corruption, or other problems that aren’t remedied by blind redundancy. The sense of irrecoverable data loss is familiar to anybody who has ever cloned a drive in the wrong way or synced data after deleting vital files.

Second, ensure that all vital data is backed up. Anything that isn’t part of the infrastructure is potentially valuable and worth backing up, including mails, user lists, configuration data, setup, and system data. Make sure to audit your data while setting up a backup solution to decide what needs to be backed up versus what is part of Microsoft 365 and can be recovered at any time.

It’s also worth checking that you can keep many backups at once. In many circumstances, keeping a single backup is sufficient, as the most recent backup will contain the most recent versions of files to restore. However, a recent backup may not be old enough to restore missing data for issues that fly under the radar and aren’t recognized right enough. It’s a good idea to have numerous backups – perhaps a yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily backup, or something else depending on your situation.

Consider a granular backup and restoration solution while you’re at it. Some backup solutions provide an all-or-nothing copy, which means that if you wish to restore from backup, you must restore the entire backup. This is wonderful for recovering from a massive attack like a Cryptolocker attack, but it’s not so great for retrieving a single file, an email message, or a single user’s data.

You may also need to ensure that your backup solution complies with SLAs, depending on your industry and business. When a backup is taken and restored, certain service-level agreements may demand reporting or auditing. Make sure your solution saves all of the relevant records.

Of course, you should test your backups on a regular basis. Even if it’s simply in a test setting, ensure sure your backups aren’t corrupted and that the restore process works, both technically and in terms of employee training. After all, backups are useless if you can’t restore them.

These factors will influence which backup system you use in part. Part of the backup system’s job is to figure out which of these factors are default and which require special settings.

Backup Solution for office 365 A Word on OneDrive

Many companies get into a trap with cloud data providers such as OneDrive or Google Drive. OneDrive, in particular, is deceptive because it comes standard with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions. It’s a cloud storage solution that’s tied to Microsoft 365, thus it’s a backup option, right?

OneDrive is more of file storage and synchronization system than a backup solution. You can sync data with it, but changes to that data, such as deletion, are also synced. Data loss, corruption, and other issues are therefore synchronized. A backup is a copy of data that may be used to restore it; a cloud storage system such as OneDrive does not fulfill this requirement. Backups can be stored on a cloud storage platform, however, most backup companies provide their own storage rather than necessitating the usage of something like OneDrive.

There are numerous advantages to using a true backup service rather than a synchronizing service. These types of services fall short and may even be harmful to use when you need to selectively restore data, choose from specified timestamps, combine additional systems and drives, or use any form of advanced capability. It is strongly advised that you use a dedicated Microsoft 365 backup solution that was created with this reason in mind. You’ll be glad you did in the future.

So, what are the genuine Microsoft 365 backup solutions? The greatest in the business are listed here in no particular order.


One of the various backup products from AvePoint is a Microsoft 365 backup solution. Their solution includes data from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive, as well as Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and other services. Public folders comprising mailboxes, contacts, and postings are provided, as are Project Online data and Planner data.

AvePoint offers granular restoration, offline restoration, restoration to any “out of place” location, object-based restoration, and security rollbacks, among other advanced features.

AvePoint’s backup platform complies with GDPR and governance standards, including the right to be forgotten, DSAR processing, auditing, and accountability.

They also provide a wide range of backup, restoration, and data protection services. Data analysis, records management, governance, and citizen services are examples of related services that can be used in conjunction with AvePoint backup for Microsoft 365 with complete compatibility.

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