7 Best Advantages of Boys Comparing Girls

   Living in the 21st century I believe that there is a lot of advantage for girls in every field.
Today in this context you will read thoroughly about the 7 Best Advantages of Boys Comparing Girls. So that is why I have come up with the advantage of boys what girls could not do.
1. Family Pressure:- Boys have no pressure of getting married, sometimes at the age of 30. There are some of my friends (girls) whose parents are searching good groom, I am sure by the age of 25-26 their parents would have talked to Pandit Ji.
In family pressure, we also get to see that if the husband is earning, then he has to take care of his job, and on the other side of the wife is earning she is expected to take care of a job + kids + house + relatives + guest and many more.
2. Late Night out and Group plan:- Generally late-night parties are not allowed for girls. But easily go for night outs and night stays. Sometimes girls have to live to take extra efforts to convince their parents.
If we talk about group plans of hanging out (having both girls and boys) is not easy for her. She has to cancel one plan due to her parents because there were boys.
3. Cloth and Makeup:- Boys like wearing shorts and pajamas they can even roam the entire city wearing that. No one would utter anything to them, but if she would have to do this people all around her will stare at her like anything.
4. Getting Ready to go out:- Men don’t need much time to get ready. While women need much time to get waxed, thread, upper lips or eyebrows, and wear different accessories kajal eyeliner, nail polish, mascara, etc, for boys, we just need to be shaved to make ourselves ready (even sometimes that can be skipped).
5. Adjustment:- Boys can adjust anywhere comfortably either it can be a room of 10-15 boys they can adjust and make themselves feel comfortable.
Most of the girls decorate their rooms nicely so if we talked about adjusting girls wherever they go they need a fresh and clean room with a limited number of people.
Boys share clothes with their best friends we only have M, L, and XL sizes but if we talk about girls they don’t like to share their clothes with anybody, or their size matters.
6. Periods:- Girls have periods which teams a lot to them even if they couldn’t able to sleep at night. Society neglects her to do such things – No one should touch her, restrictions on worshiping God, not attending programs or parties, and also not getting a bath sometimes.
God how lucky we are that we don’t spend 5-6 days or more of every month in such agony. You need to check whether the clothes are not red, the bedsheet is tidy, the nearby bathroom with a dustbin, black polythene. That’s the biggest advantage we have.
If we talk about boys sometimes they also have night falls but somehow they adjust to hiding if for that they have no restrictions and not as compared to girls.
7. Safety:- If a boy walks on the road someone may abuse him off can start a fight with him but if the same happens to a girl she won’t be able to fight with a guy on spot may abuse him but protect her from society she has to ignore and move forward in her way.
Mainly when boys go out by saying as simple as a mummy I am going to, I’ll be back soon but when girls go out parents as with whom you are going, when will you come, where are you going, etc.
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