How can a middle-class person become rich in India

Earning Money is quite simple for all these days. 

 Mainly youngsters who want to be Independent and want to stand on their own feet. 

Here are the main points I described for you all.

1. Making Your Own Application:- Being a youngster you should know well what needs to make a proper application. Investment is the only laptop these days people are more advanced they scan and pay, they don’t type instead of that they use voice translation.
Here I can suggest a few ideas that you can use while making an application.
a. Health checkup and food planner app
b. Railway tracking app
c. Scan and convert to PDF app
d. Language learning app
e. Contact tracing app
f. Parking Space finder app
g. Karaoke app
h. Toy-exchanging app
i. Consult a Doctor app
j. Home security app
k. Tenant finder app
l. Online Parking ticket app
m. On-Demand Fuel Delivery app
n. Tourist helper app
o. Complaint Registration app
2. Trading and investment:- These days there are many investment companies that offer a high rate of interest return in the future. Beware of Fraud companies, recently I checked many companies that give high returns in the future like the Groww app, Indiabulls, IIFL, etc. Stock market hair you can buy the stock of a company and sell them in the future with a good amount of profit full stop other you have thee mutual fund in where you have to invest every month or one-time SIP after investing it totally depends upon the company where your investment is decreasing or increasing. Most of the time tightest increase my suggestion will be to go for reputed companies like Aditya Birla, ICICI, SBI sector.
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3. Selling Paintings Online-  Students or artist have their hobbies to paint and my creativity there.  In the last few months when lockdown started I have seen many of my friends doing this I suggested they give more effort to their paintings so that it should look more attractive by that you can sell them online on any platform. It can be used as a wall painting or you can go sketch. I suggest Fine art America is the world’s largest online art market place where they print on demand and they sell with good profit.
4. Small Shop Business:- If you are a student at the college and you want to be independent and want to be the boss of your own then this option is for you.
One time you do your college studies and other time you give to your small hop. Opening a small shop is not so tough these days you can go to Coffee Bakery or Tea shop or a Bar.  When you think of your neighbourhood good coffee shop and bar you can also open it and earn but one thing you have to establish is your shop’s taste that’s the main material you should make it should be good in taste different from others so that people can appreciate you.
5. Playing Games and Earn Money:-  During this lockdown period, many of them earned lots and lots of money while playing games. No investment in this you simply just need a smartphone to play. The more you play the game the more you earn. Nowadays online cash gaming industry increase tremendously in India you can play genuine cash games Rummy, Poker, Dream11  Winzo, Dhani Games, MPL Pro, and many more.  These are some gaming app where you can gain the highest ranks on the leaderboard and earn good money. It has an easy task to understand that makes it simple to explore. They have a daily free League where you can participate and earn without paying a single penny.
6. Freelancer:- It is a great option to start as it has no specific work that you have to do. You can do all types of work whether it is data entry or a consultant, I  being a freelancer in the event industry from the last 2 years I made many people who do different kinds of work like a person who runs a company who provides manpower and apart from that he’s also an Anchor, sometimes he plays DJ in a party and also runs the business. Show if you are a student you can also go for freelance and apart-time if you are planning to be a freelancer then, in my opinion, the event industry is good for you.

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7. Craft Making:- If you love to create something then this point is for you. Make bookmarks, pen stand, Puppets, origamic box, the story dies, paper flowers, make creativity with bottles or spoon, design products and sell them in your neighbourhood or to your relatives the best option will be to sell on online shopping platforms like Amazon or Flipkart.
8. Photography or Videography:- Doing photography or videography is still a passion for many I have seen many who don’t have a camera but still capture great shots from their smartphones. If you have a camera then you can post your advertisement for photography in marriages, birthday parties, or at any events. You can start a making portfolio of models or any. In Shaadi season you can capture photos as well as videos apart from that you can take a pre-wedding shoot of the married couples and if you want to be a unique photographer then start capturing the following points:-
a. Waterdrop art
b. Create a smoker
c. Lubricate your lens
d. Food landscape
e. Abstracts in oil reflection
f. Kitchen close-ups
g. Invert the world with a crystal ball
h. Broken bubbles
i. Light spirals and more
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9. Youtube:- There is no age limit to start your YouTube channel. Being a youngster you can start this as it’s a good platform to earn money. No investment, you simply have to make videos and earn money. Remember one thing content is the king so if you are going to create a YouTube channel focus on your content and your video scripting. Many YouTubers in India earn crores every year so simply you need to have patience. As you complete 1000 subscribers and 4,000 work time applies for your monetization.
10. Voice Artist:-  It has high demand in the market. People who can do voice mimicry can earn well. There very few voice artists in India that’s why whoever does voice mimicry charges a good rate of amount from clients. Voice artists can perform in any event or can make videos and post it on social media platforms from there you can earn smartly.
 If you are thinking to do voice mimicry then start now try sounds like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and more popular artists in Bollywood. Why Bollywood? Because in India people love to watch Bollywood movies rather than any other industry movie.

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